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Smith & Loveless offers a diverse array of water and wastewater treatment and pumping system solutions for the world's water problems. Additionally, we deliver unique technologies and consumables for mineral processing. Please browse our many solutions to learn more about our product offerings.

S&L Redesigns TITAN MBR™   Hospital Upgrades Submersible Pump to S&L Wet Well Mounted Pump Station   Advanced Grit Removal Resolves Plant's Combined Sewer Challenges
S&L Redesigns TITAN MBR™   Hospital Upgrades Submersible Pump to S&L Wet Well Mounted Pump Station   Guidelines For Grit Pumping And Piping


Smith & Loveless packaged Moving Bed Bioreactor (MBBR) and Fixed Biofilm (FAST®) attached growth treatment systems effectively treat wastewater while reducing footprint and simplifying  operation and maintenance. Providing the advantages of attached growth systems, MBBR and FAST® processes handle flow variations and shock loads easily, allow for smaller tankage, and come equipped with process components designed to meet effluent requirements. These prefabricated systems arrive onsite essentially ready to “plug & play,” ideal for simple installation.

FIBROTEX® comprises a range of compact, fully automatic, self-cleaning fibrous depth filtation systems designed to eliminate or reduce particulates in aqueous feedstreams, either prior to use in the process, or before discharge from the process. FIBROTEX® filters are based on a unique, yet proven technology and use advanced materials and construction techniques to provide effective, compact and reliable filtration solutions to the water quality problems of municipalities and industry.

Applied successfully in thousands of water and sewage treatment schemes on all continents, the PISTA® Sand Removal Chamber serves as the efficient choice for 95 percent sand removal at water treatment plant intakes, power-gen water intakes and similar sand removal applications.

After pioneering the first flat-floor forced vortex grit chamber, S&L continues to lead the industry in advanced hydraulic grit removal research and development by emphasizing a combination of CFD analysis and field testing. The state-of-the-art PISTA® brand is the most-specified in North America.

The enhanced TITAN MBR™ Membrane BioReactor treatment system delivers the industry’s best operator experience with the greatest ease of operation and maintenance of any MBR through superior high performance flat sheet membranes, easier component access, intuitive graphical touchscreen PLC controls, smart advanced data monitoring and communications, reduced process complexity, and a streamlined membrane clean-in-place process.  It is designed with a stable process tailored to your permit requirements, and capable of achieving superior effluent quality and Title 22 approved water reuse.

EVERLAST™ Pump Stations combine convenient standard packages with advanced S&L pumping technology options to simplify system selection and provide the right service for every user.  Select the base model below that best meets your needs to get started.


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  • Winery Becomes California’s Most Eco-Friendly With Advanced Biological Treatment And Nutrient Removal

    When Silver Oak Cellars decided to expand and open a new winery in Alexander Valley, they wanted to create the greenest winery ever with eco-friendly features throughout their production process. A key component of the water efficiency aspect to the green production is Smith & Loveless’ TITAN MBR™ membrane bioreactor system which supplies the highest levels of biological treatment and nutrient removal. The TITAN MBR™ helped the winery become the first ever to earn a LEED Platinum Certification for new construction in 2018 (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

  • Featured Profiles In Brewery Wastewater Success

    Stories of real success with packaged pumping and wastewater treatment systems at breweries are explored, including for regulatory compliance and/or water reuse capabilities. Packaged pumping and treatment systems have helped hundreds of brewers meet their permits for local collection and/or direct surface discharge, while offering minimal land usage, superior ease of operation, and the cost-saving "green" benefits of water reuse capabilities.

  • Prison Facility Eliminates Frequent Submersible Pump Clogs With New Above-Grade Approach

    Prison sewage often contains extra trash, towels, and rags that enter the sewerage network and cause pump clogging problems. When a correctional facility underwent a capacity expansion, changes to its problematic submersible sewage pumping station coincided, resulting in a new operator-safe approach to combatting the ills of prison sewage pump clogs.

  • Go Big With CAPSULAR Underground Pump Station For Large Flows

    Handling large capacities, the CAPSULAR® Underground Pump Station combines superior performance with custom design and economic efficiency to provide solutions for customers' large flow applications. When compared to built-in-place, concrete designs, 30% savings can be realized with the S&L factory-built approach. Engineering costs are lower because of the extensive engineering (including mechanical, electrical, structural, environmental) already accomplished for the proven CAPSULAR® design. The exclusive Safe-Stair Stairwell Module available with CAPSULAR® Underground Pump Stations is similar to stairways found in most public buildings. The design provides safe and easy access to the underground station, reducing occupational requirements and associated costs.

  • 'Series' Wastewater Pumping Solves Unique Challenge Of High Head Force Mains

    In high-head wastewater pumping applications that result from long force mains or high-static heads from hilly terrains, lift station design engineers typically select oversized pumps that sufficiently overcome the inherent friction losses. However, a dramatic reduction in efficiency occurs at the pump operates far from its best efficiency point. In these situations, the use of vacuum-primed pumps arranged in series can achieve higher pumping efficiencies and lower resulting power costs.

  • Design Considerations For Packaged MBR Systems

    Applying Membrane Bioreactors (MBR) in lieu of conventional activated sludge systems delivers higher effluent quality while eliminating secondary clarification processes. These systems incorporate flat-sheet or hollow-fiber membranes with pore sizes measured in micrometers or nanometers, which allow for complete retention of solids inside the treatment system.


For more than 70 years, Smith & Loveless' pre-engineered water and wastewater treatment and pumping systems have paved the way for municipalities, developments, industry, governmental, and military facilities. Smith & Loveless' energy-efficient and durable systems deliver unrivaled life-cycle cost savings.

To get there, our company has grown steadily from the early days of our original founders, Alden Smith and Compere Loveless, to a multi-facted corporation comprised of sales offices, production facilities and affiliated companies serving diverse markets all over the world.

S&L Releases New Pumping Systems Design & Spec Catalog

The catalog includes the latest specifications, technical drawings and literature for all pumping systems and related products manufactured by Smith & Loveless, Inc. Informational sections outline the need for pumping systems and the unique benefits offered by Smith & Loveless, Inc. products.

Among the features in this catalog are newer models of 6” X-PELLER® pump impeller (with the corresponding curves and specifications), “SAWS” Station Advance Warning System, and StationComm™ 2-Way Text communication for Smith & Loveless pump station control systems.

Aside from the printed catalog, Smith & Loveless, Inc. offers a digital version, which also contains color brochures, videos and a ‘product showcase’ that summarizes each product. Easy to navigate, it connects users directly to the information desired in an efficient manner.

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