Pump Station Monitoring Products

  1. Grundfos’ Packaged Lift Station

    Grundfos Packaged Lift Stations provide you with a sturdy and well-designed polyethylene pump pit sized to suit your requirements Auto couplings are pre-installed, making it easy to mount up to two wastewater pumps.

  2. Flygt A-C Series Column Pumps

    Flygt wet pit column pumps are custom designed to achieve the highest efficiencies at very high flows. Typical applications are cooling water intake and circulation in power generation and general industries, storm water handling, irrigation, municipal and industrial water supply or sea water intakes.

  3. Flygt SmartRun™

    Let’s introduce SmartRun™, a pump-station controller solution for simplex and duplex wastewater pump stations. An integral part of the Flygt Experior™ range of product offerings, this pump-control unit lets your pump take care of itself, freeing debris and unclogging blockages when needed, setting the optimal speed for energy efficiency and cost savings, as well as communicating with external monitoring equipment for peace of mind.

  4. RDLO - Axially Split Volute Casing Pump

    Single-stage, axially split volute casing pump for horizontal or vertical installation with double-entry radial impeller, mating flanges to DIN, ISO, BS or ANSI.

  5. ReliaSource® 8x12 Above Ground Lift Stations

    An affordable alternative to modular enclosures, the ReliaSource 8x12 Above-Ground Lift Station is robust enough to accommodate duplex and triplex pump configurations.

  6. Flygt Centrifugal Grinder Pumps By Xylem

    The Flygt 3000 series of centrifugal grinder pumps are high-efficiency pumps suitable for handling solids-bearing liquids in residential, commercial and agricultural applications.

  7. Vertical Auger Monster Model AGV

    The Auger Monster model AGV safely and easily screens, cleans and conveys rags and debris straight up and out of the sewer system. This gives collection system managers an affordable new way to remove rags before they clog sewage pumps, eliminating the time and expense wasted on de-ragging pumps.

  8. Flygt Low Pressure Sewer Packaged Pump Stations by Xylem

    Designed to meet local requirements and ready for installation upon delivery, the turnkey Flygt brand low pressure sewage packaged pump station package includes an energy efficient grinder pump, fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP) lift station basin, liquid level control indicator, control panel, lift-out rail assembly, internal piping, and gate and ball check valves.

  9. Spiral-Welded Steel Pipe

    AMERICAN manufactures spiral-welded steel pipe designed and manufactured to meet or exceed the requirements of the applicable AWWA and ASTM Standards with the following physical and mechanical properties.

  10. Grundfos AMG, AMD, And AFG Ranges
    Grundfos is dedicated to making wastewater systems of any kind as reliable and efficient as possible. Our AMD, AMG, and AFG ranges reflect this dedication.