Pump Station Monitoring Products

  1. Grundfos SL Pump
    The newly extended SL range is industrial design at its best. Created to optimise performance in your system, these pumps minimize risk factors, reduce maintenance requirements, and last longer.
  2. Packaged Water Booster Station

    Smith & Loveless designs and manufactures custom-built packaged water booster stations, Completely assembled in a quality-controlled manufacturing environment, S&L Water Booster Stations arrive at the job site fully tested and ready for hookup.

  3. I-SERIES™ Immersible Wastewater Pump

    Smith & Loveless I-Series™ Immersible Pumps deliver peace of mind for end-users and owners where immersible protection is required or recommended.

  4. CAPSULAR® Wet Well Mounted Pump Station

    When you need a high-capacity pump station to handle flow variation ranging from a tiny trickle to full-capacity flow, the above-grade CAPSULAR® Wet Well Mounted Pump Station easily races to a maximum station capacity of up to 7,200 GPM (450 l/s) in seconds.

  5. Smith & Loveless Flooded Suction Non-Clog Pump

    Tens of thousands of proven Smith & Loveless Non-Clog Pumps convey wastewater around the world, providing reliable service day-in and day-out.

  6. ABS Piranha Residential Control Panels

    The ABS residential control panel is available for both simplex and duplex pump systems. It has a high level alarm beacon and buzzer along with other features required for residential use.

  7. Rectangular Recessed Wet Well Mounted Pump Station (R2 WWMPS)

    Smith & Loveless delivers even more effective work space per total area in the new R2 Wet Well Mounted Pump Station (R2 WWMPS). R2 = Rectangular x Recessed, and it's this combination that equates to streamlined station arrangements and significantly more room inside than circular designs.

  8. CAPSULAR® Underground Pump Station

    Handling large capacities, the CAPSULAR® Underground Pump Station combines superior performance with custom design and economic efficiency to provide solutions for customers' large flow applications. When compared to built-in-place, concrete designs, 30% savings can be realized with the S&L factory-built approach.

  9. Submersible Mixer Type ABS XRW

    The Submersible Mixer Type ABS XRW can be used at various steps of a wastewater treatment plant. This mixer provides the high efficiency, greater reliability and minimal maintenance needed to dramatically reduce operational costs, while simultaneously providing the best process control from just one mixer through variable-speed drive and precise speed control.

  10. The Lift Station Solution

    The increasing number of “flushable” consumer products is presenting serious challenges for the standard non-clog lift station. With thousands of proven lift station applications, Vaughan chopper pumps are a proven solution to the toughest plugging problems.