Pump Station Monitoring Products

  1. Vertical Auger Monster Model AGV

    The Auger Monster model AGV safely and easily screens, cleans and conveys rags and debris straight up and out of the sewer system. This gives collection system managers an affordable new way to remove rags before they clog sewage pumps, eliminating the time and expense wasted on de-ragging pumps.

  2. Flow Booster Type ABS XSB

    The low speed submersible mixer is the biggest of its type on the market for wastewater treatment and cuts energy consumption by a remarkable 25%! It achieves this through a premium-efficiency motor, a highly efficient gearbox and a unique innovative hydraulic design that boosts mixer efficiency as proven by exhaustive testing.

  3. Flygt Low Pressure Sewer Packaged Pump Stations by Xylem

    Designed to meet local requirements and ready for installation upon delivery, the turnkey Flygt brand low pressure sewage packaged pump station package includes an energy efficient grinder pump, fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP) lift station basin, liquid level control indicator, control panel, lift-out rail assembly, internal piping, and gate and ball check valves.

  4. Spiral-Welded Steel Pipe

    AMERICAN manufactures spiral-welded steel pipe designed and manufactured to meet or exceed the requirements of the applicable AWWA and ASTM Standards with the following physical and mechanical properties.

  5. Grundfos AMG, AMD, And AFG Ranges
    Grundfos is dedicated to making wastewater systems of any kind as reliable and efficient as possible. Our AMD, AMG, and AFG ranges reflect this dedication.
  6. Grundfos Dedicated Controls

    If you want complete control – including from a distance – look no further. Dedicated Controls is an intelligent monitoring and control solution developed specifically for network pumping stations and commercial buildings.

  7. Grundfos KPL & KWM Pumps
    Grundfos is prepared to offer you a solution in handling large amounts of water from a wide range of submersible axial flow propeller pumps and mixed flow pumps depending on the demands with a motor range from 15 kW up to 1000 kW.
  8. Grundfos S Range Pumps
    The Grundfos S range consists of submersible sewage pumps fitted with a channel or SuperVortex impeller. The number of motor sizes – from 15 to 700 Hp – with a very wide range, including the new updated pumps, provides an easier overview: We have divided the range into 11 frame sizes – each of them available with many different motors
  9. Grundfos SL Pump
    The newly extended SL range is industrial design at its best. Created to optimise performance in your system, these pumps minimize risk factors, reduce maintenance requirements, and last longer.
  10. Packaged Water Booster Station
    Smith & Loveless designs and manufactures custom-built packaged water booster stations, Completely assembled in a quality-controlled manufacturing environment, S&L Water Booster Stations arrive at the job site fully tested and ready for hookup.