TOP Station: Flygt Pre-Engineered Fiberglass Pump Station by Xylem

Source: Flygt -- A Xylem Brand

TOP Station: Flygt Pre-Engineered Fiberglass Pump Statio

The Flygt TOP fiberglass pump station is a premium, pre-engineered and factory built packaged pump station that utilizes advanced features to provide customers with superior pump station performance.

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The innovative, self-cleaning, TOP station sump bottom directs the solids and debris normally found in waste-water to the inlet of the Flygt N-Pumps where they can be effectively pumped away.

The interior of pump station is coated with a smooth gel-coat finish which helps inhibit the build-up of grease and sludge. The outside diameter of the station is equipped with an integral anti-flotation ring utilized to secure the station in place.

The aluminum pump station lid utilizes an integral Safe-Hatch access cover that provides personnel fall-through protection when the aluminum access door is opened. The raised frame provides a kick plate surround eliminating the possibility of tools or debris rolling into the pump station.

During normal inspection, individual pumps can be raised and placed upon one of the closed Safe-Hatch grates and washed-down. The debris will fall back down into the sump resulting in a clean pump to check.

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