Consumer Outreach Features, Insights, and Analysis

  1. Flush With Confidence This Super Bowl Sunday, Any Time You Feel Like It

    The closer the NFL gets to its biggest game of the season, the more likely you are to hear about the infamous “Super Bowl Flush Rush.”

  2. Forecasting The Top 5 Water Trends In 2016

    As the dawn of 2016 emerges and we look forward to the year ahead, it’s instructive to engage in a little prognostication.

  3. Township Water Authority Uses Ultrasonic Clamp-On Flow Meters To Avoid Surcharges For Exceeding Peak Limits

    A suburban township in the upper Midwest U.S. buys their drinking water from a major municipal water district. The municipality has many customers and has implemented contracts with each of its wholesale customers that limit the peak flows and the time of day in which they may occur. If the wholesale customer exceeds the limit, they are assessed significant surcharges.

  4. WWEMA Window: Education And Advocacy In The Water Industry

    The water industry is a great business that provides our customers with clean water — an essential of life — but the high-quality drinking water and wastewater we produce is under-valued by customers.

  5. Sustainability Models To Solve Water Challenges — 'That Is The End Game'

    The fifth in a series of interviews conducted during the 2015 SIWI World Water Week in Stockholm was with Xylem, Inc.’s Director of Corporate Citizenship, Michael Fields. 

  6. Emperor Brown's New Groove?

    As the California legislative session came to a close, perhaps the most important (and polarizing) piece of legislation had to have been Governor Brown’s Water Conservation Ordinance. By demanding a statewide 25 percent water consumption reduction, Governor Brown is the latest in a long line of historical lawmakers that implemented such water conservation laws.

  7. 7 Ways Smart Meters Save Water

    In an era of drought and conservation, smart meters can be utilities’ best allies in the fight to preserve water supplies.

  8. Monroeville Experience With Mueller® Service Brass

    General Manager William Snyder talks about Monroeville, AL’s water distribution system, important features when selecting service brass, and why they prefer to work with Mueller Co. and Consolidated Pipe. This video documents the advantages water utilities and distributors have when sourcing service brass from Mueller.

  9. Water: A Valued, Complex, And Critical Commodity

    I was listening to a web presentation recently on the value of water and heard this statement: "Most Americans don't understand the true value of water."

  10. No Room For Excuses; It’s Time To Put Down The Plastic Bottles For Good

    Did you know that more than 70% of plastic water bottles consumed by Americans end up in landfills?