Consumer Outreach Features, Insights, and Analysis

  1. A Community Approach To Climate Resilience

    How to accumulate and leverage social capital to achieve healthy freshwater ecosystems, green infrastructure improvements, and triple-bottom-line benefits

  2. Partial Shutoff For Partial Service

    Cutting off service to a customer who hasn’t paid their water bill can be a controversial move for many utilities. But a new product that integrates a shut off valve with an ultrasonic meter may make what has traditionally been an all or nothing decision a little easier.

  3. Celebrating 10 Years Of WaterSense

    Did you know that two-thirds of the continental U.S. has experienced drought in the last few years? It has left many utilities grappling with water scarcity and the costs of finding new water resources and treatment.

  4. Science Guides Public Health Protection For Drinking Water

    As a country, we’ve come a long way toward providing clean air, water, and land — essential resources that support healthy, productive lives. But we have more work to do to make sure that every American has access to safe drinking water.

  5. The Future Is Here — Just Add Utility

    Water utilities are responsible for one thing above all: supplying safe drinking water to their populations on a daily basis. In light of the recent public health crisis in Flint, MI, utilities have never been under more pressure from the public to perform this service.

  6. Infrastructure Matters

    Infrastructure matters. It matters — in big ways and in small — to our country, our economy, our quality of life, our safety, and our communities.

  7. Smart Networks Smoothing Supply Of Water

    With increasing and urbanizing population, extreme weather events happening with greater frequency, aging infrastructure and work forces, more demanding customers, and significant revenue constraints, it is becoming increasingly difficult for water utilities to ensure that supply consistently meets demand.

  8. How To Communicate The Value Of Water — And Rate Hikes — To Customers

    A champion of water investment shares four strategies for winning over customers to support both short-term and lasting utility initiatives.

  9. Working With Customers To Reduce Water Usage During California Drought

    In 2015, California entered the fourth year of a severe drought, the driest it has been since record keeping began in the late 1800s. This historic long-term drought is a problem for every American, regardless of where they live, because it has implications for the economy, society and environment.

  10. United Utilities Improves Customer Satisfaction While Reducing Costs

    The rising marginal cost of producing clean water together with increasing demand and higher expectations of reliability and quality of service leaves utilities facing an uphill challenge — managing aging systems and infrastructure with limited resources.