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  1. 80 Ideas You Need To Memorize About Water From The World Water Summit

    Last week, I attended The Economist's 2014 World Water Summit in London and sat among and listened to the world's leading thinkers on water policy, management, irrigation, technology, economic development, sanitation and hygiene and water-related risks to catalyze action in response to the looming global water crisis and the growing strain on our water resources.

  2. Water Utilities Own The Value Of Water Equation

    I was listening to a web presentation on the value of water and heard this statement: “Most Americans don’t understand the true value of water.” I would argue that most Americans don’t understand the true value of water utilities.

  3. Next-Level Meter Reading And Customer Service

    As data collection becomes more popular, management of that data — what information is actionable, and what actions should be taken — becomes an important consideration. DataZeo is dedicated to refining meter reading, field operations, and customer communication.

  4. Water Preservation And Conservation Aided By Intelligent Software

    According to Ian MacLeod, water preservation and water conservation are all about accountability. Consumers being held accountable to conserve. And utilities are recognizing the need to effectively preserve the water they treat.

  5. Intelligent Metering Paves Way For Water Efficiency

    When it comes to metering, simple is best. Meters that have no moving parts are more accurate in low flow applications, explains Torsten Hagele of Diehl Metering in an interview with Water Online Radio.

  6. Why Engineers Can’t Solve The Water Shortage With Supply-Side Solutions

    We are at the point where there is precious little left to dig or dam or drain or pump, and we are going to have a problem explaining that us engineers don’t have all the answers. 

  7. AMI, Analytics, And The Smart City Evolution

    The global utility industry is at a technology tipping point, says Joe Ball, the director of product marketing for Water North America for Itron. In his interview with Water Online Radio, Ball talks innovation and how to provide ratepayers with the technology they want.

  8. “One Water” Communication: Language, Icons and Industry Color Palette

    Water is a multi-faceted good and a global priority that affects human beings and the wellbeing of companies and institutions that need water to survive. Those interested in shaping the future of water management are pushing the notion that water is water, whether drinking water, storm water, rain water, or used water. Doing so, according to the experts, encourages "comprehensive thinking, planning and management of our waters on a transformational scale” and pushes the industry towards a “one water” resource management.

  9. No Wipes In The Pipes

    "Flushable" wipes are a big, expensive problem for both utilities and homeowners. Watch this animated video to learn why, and how you can help by remembering the "3 P's" when flushing.

  10. WWEMA Window: ‘Nondispersibles’ Turning Sewers Into Nightmares Nationwide

    Increasingly, wipes are causing serious issues for wastewater treatment system operators. Many of the wipes entering the sewage system are not dispersible and technically not flushable.