Consumer Outreach Features, Insights, and Analysis

  1. Building Public Support for Efficiency-Oriented Water Rates

    Utilities have the tools to explain why costs must rise while use goes down.

  2. Water Consumption Data Driving Major Change in Water Consumer Behavior

    Getting consumers to buy in to the value of water has always been tricky. Many people have been hearing messages about saving water for years but to little effect.

  3. Beauty And The Beads

    As a young woman in America, I walk around every day with a target on my back ready to be shot at by marketing campaigns.

  4. Effective Use Of Social Media For Customer Engagement

    American Water shares its social media research and experience as a means to help other utilities enhance their own consumer outreach strategies.

  5. Three Categories Of Sustainability

    Nearly 4.7 billion gallons of water were saved in 2013 alone through installation of Badger Meter water utility solutions.

  6. The High Stakes Of Smart Water: $1 Trillion And 1.8 Billion People

    Making the business case for smart water networks and advanced metering infrastructure

  7. In Times of Drought: 9 Economic Facts About Water In The United States

    This Hamilton Project memo presents nine economic facts that provide relevant background context to the water crisis in the United States.

  8. 5 Ways To Ensure Utility Resiliency

    Following six years of research, The Johnson Foundation at Wingspread helps water and wastewater utilities navigate the uncertain future, sharing best practices for resiliency, sustainability, and water security.

  9. A 2014 Year In Review: Speaking Up About Water

    It's been a busy year for water…from one city's reputation being negatively affected by water shut-offs to the effects of extreme drought on a state's livelihood.

  10. LADWP Achieves Demand Management Goals With Unique Volumetric Rate Structure, Long-Term Planning

    The Department of Water and Power (DWP) serves the City of Los Angeles and some small adjacent areas and is the one of the largest municipal utilities in the nation.