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KROHNE offers a wide variety of process measurement instruments. In fact, we invented quite a number of them.

We offer supporting products and services for 1-stop-shopping and in industries as widespread as oil and gas, water, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food & beverages, mining and shipping.

We can offer complete solutions - of which more to come.

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OPTIBAR LC 1010: New Submersible Level Probe With Ceramic Diaphragm OPTIBAR LC 1010: New Submersible Level Probe With Ceramic Diaphragm

KROHNE introduces the OPTIBAR LC 1010 submersible level probe with ceramic diaphragm. Aimed at water and wastewater, environmental engineering and OEM applications, it provides a simple and continuous hydrostatic level measurement solution for water wells, rainwater retaining / overflow basins, or tanks.

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KROHNE Inc. headquartered in Peabody, MA covers the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean regions through a vast network of direct sales personnel and representative partners. We are on the mission of exceeding our customers' expectations by providing unparalleled application expertise, on-time delivery, and cost effective quality products. To accomplish that, we pay special attention to the following areas:

Technical Support Services...
Dedicated technical, field application and repair teams located throughout the regions provide unsurpassed customer service. Our TASC (Technical Application Support Center) is the heart of KROHNE's technical support capability with a staff of trained engineers and technicians at your disposal by phone, fax, or e-mail for product application, installation, operation or troubleshooting questions.

Local Assembly with just-in-time inventory systems...
Single and parallel bent-tube meters are completely fabricated at our Peabody facility and are exported not only to NAFTA countries but to the entire world. In addition, we hold stock on most popular items, and assemble prefabricated items to complete meters for over 70% of deliveries to NAFTA. We have our own on-site calibration facilities for variable area flowmeters, coriolis meters, magmeters and level gauges instruments.

Choose a Partner...
Don't just buy an instrument. Choose KROHNE as partner.

  • Direct "Field Expert" Sales Force...
    We offer a technically proficient, KROHNE-trained direct sales force that gets involved in all aspects of technical sales, product service and applications support. We are committed to providing you with KROHNE's 83 years of flow and level measurement expertise at your facility.

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