OPTIFLUX 4300 Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Source: KROHNE, Inc.

The OPTIFLUX 4300 is an electromagnetic flowmeter (EMF) for advanced process applications with aggressive liquids or abrasive media. The high-end flowmeter is particularly suitable for critical applications requiring high accuracy and many diagnostic functions. It enables reliable measurement even under very harsh process conditions with temperatures up to +180°C / +356°F, low conductivities (≥1 µS/cm), high solid contents (up to 70%) and high pressures (up to 1500 bar / 21751 psi). For custody transfer applications, the OPTIFLUX 4300 has a wide range of certifications including OIML R49 and R117 or MI-001 and MI-005. It can also be used for flow measurement in district heating networks requiring MI-004 approval.

The OPTIFLUX 4300 is available in a wide diameter range up to DN3000 / 120". Its patented virtual reference option allows for a very cost-saving measuring mode without additional grounding rings – particularly when it comes to large diameters. Installation in measurement chambers subject to (constant) flooding is possible with the IP68 / NEMA 6P rated version. The meter is approved for use in hazardous areas and offers various digital communication options. A full on-site verification of the OPTIFLUX 4300 without process interruption can be carried out using the OPTICHECK service tool.

Product highlights

  • Bi-directional flow measurement over a wide dynamic range (turn down ratio: 1000:1)
  • Available with patented virtual reference grounding method: no grounding rings needed
  • Extensive flowmeter and process diagnostics (incl. NE 107)
  • For hazardous areas: ATEX, IECEx, NEPSI, FM, CSA, EAC, INMETRO
  • Standard measurement accuracy: ±0.2% or ±1mm/s of measured value (MV)
  • For custody transfer: OIML R49, OIML R-117; MI-001, MI-004, MI-005
  • PTFE, PFA, ETFE, hard rubber, soft rubber or PU liner: excellent chemical and abrasion resistance
  • Wide range of electrode materials
  • Special designs, sizes, inner diameters and liner thicknesses on request
  • Optional external coatings for offshore or subsoil installation (also acc. to ISO 12944)
  • Full bore design: No moving parts, no wear, no pressure loss
  • On-site verification of flowmeter with OPTICHECK service tool

Typical applications


  • Advanced applications with clean, aggressive or abrasive liquids
  • For low conductive media (>1 μS/cm)
  • Fiscal metering (custody transfer) of liquids other than water
  • Custody transfer flow measurement in district heating networks
  • Applications with high pressures (max. 1500 bar)

Chemical and other process industries

  • Dosing of additives
  • Custody transfer of chemicals
  • Conductive fluid chemicals
  • Process water, cooling water

Oil and gas industry

  • Water injection (high pressure)
  • Drilling mud
  • Produced water

Minerals and mining industry

  • Hydrocyclone feed lines
  • Sludge and slurries

Pulp and paper industry

  • Paper pulp
  • Chemicals (black liquor, bleach, etc.)

Wastewater industry

  • Sludge and sewage treatment