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  1. Next-Level Flow And Level Instrumentation

    Trending issues require innovative solutions, and KROHNE is here — in the marketplace, at WEFTEC, and on video — to help water professionals overcome their toughest challenges. Tune in below for Richard Lowrie, Water and Wastewater Industry Manager for KROHNE, as he presents two cases in point: the TIDALFLEX flow meter and the OPTIWAVE 1400 radar level transmitter. The former performs accurate measurement in partially filled pipes — down to 10 percent — which is especially useful for stormwater/combined sewer overflow (CSO) applications, while the latter is a new offering that provides continuous, non-contact level measurement in tanks, pumping stations, and open channels. Learn the unique properties and benefits of each, and how they can update and improve your operations.

  2. A More Cost-Effective Measurement Solution For Open-Channel Flow

    Open channels are an efficient way to feed wastewater treatment facilities but pose a challenge because the flow rate can be difficult to measure with traditional devices. Until recently, radar level measurement devices have been cost-prohibitive for most municipalities. Newer advancements, however, have brought the cost down significantly, so it is now feasible for wastewater plant managers to consider adopting the technology for open-channel applications.

  3. KROHNE To Showcase Wide Range Of Water And Wastewater Products At WEFTEC 2019

    KROHNE, Inc. will showcase a wide range of its industry-leading water and wastewater products, including the biogas version of the OPTISONIC 7300 ultrasonic flowmeter at WEFTEC 2019, Booth 4415. The Water Environment Federation Technical Exhibition and Conference will be held September 23-25, 2019, at McCormick Place, Chicago, IL.

  4. KROHNE Now Manufactures WATERFLUX 3000 Meter Sensor In Beverly, MA Facility

    KROHNE, Inc. announces that it now produces the WATERFLUX 3000 water meter, the newest sensor design in its family of magmeters, at its state-of-the-art manufacturing and calibration facility located in Beverly, MA.  The sensor is available in sizes ranging from 1 to 24 inch but at the outset, meters produced here will be limited to a maximum size of 6 inches.

  5. Achieving Level Pressure At Challenging Points In Distribution Systems

    When drinking water leaves a treatment plant through giant pipes, with the help of huge pumps, the pressure can exceed 200 psi. The high pressure is a necessity because water must travel a long distance in some cases. Water towers scattered throughout the distribution system aid in the process so it can reach all utility customers. The problem is that not all distribution points in a water system are created equal.

  6. Temperature Monitoring Provides Additional Checks On Microbiological Conditions

    Effective control of the microbiological environment in water distribution systems is one of the biggest keys to providing a healthy product. When it comes to processes for achieving this, the U.S. can some take lessons from Europe, where utilities are more likely to monitor temperature. Advanced flow metering technology that incorporates temperature monitoring provides a significant tool for utilities without the need for additional instruments.

  7. Using Advanced Tools To Stem The Lost Revenue Tide

    From the largest metropolitan utilities to the smallest water systems, leaks are a problem everywhere. Because it’s difficult to raise consumer prices to offset the losses, non-revenue water has a direct impact on the bottom line of municipal water systems. However, utility managers now have an opportunity to reverse the problem with advanced flow meter technology that combines multiple measurements.

  8. The Financial Upside Of Electronic Meters

    Mechanical flow meters have a proven track record. However, there’s a downside. Electronic meters — which are gaining wider acceptance — are less prone to damage, require little to no maintenance, and can be comparably priced or even less expensive when operating costs are taken into account.

  9. KROHNE Adds New Courses To KROHNE Academy Online eLearning Training Platform

    KROHNE, Inc. announces the addition of new courses to KROHNE Academy online, including courses on Entrained Gas Management, Ultrasonic Flowmeters, and Basic Principle Gases.

  10. KROHNE Announces OPTISONIC 7300 Ultrasonic Biogas Flowmeter

    KROHNE, Inc. now offers the OPTISONIC 7300 Biogas ultrasonic flowmeter, which has been specially designed to measure dry and wet biogas with variable composition.