OPTISONIC 3400 Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Source: KROHNE, Inc.

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The OPTISONIC 3400 is a unique 3-beam inline ultrasonic flowmeter, especially designed for the continuous measurement of homoge­neous conductive and non-conductive liquids in closed, completely filled pipeline circuits. It is able to measure actual volume and mass flow, the velocity of sound and diagnostic values of flowing liquids. The diameter range available is broad, from DN25 / 1 inch for dosing purposes, up to DN3000 / 120 inch for water transportation pipelines.

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The OPTISONIC 3400 provides Process liquid measurement the smart way. Unlike traditional mechanical flowmeters, the OPTISONIC 3400 ultrasonic flowmeter can measure multiple products without jeopardising accuracy or need to recalibrate.

With the full bore unobstructed sensor tube without moving parts, the flowmeter measures bi-directionally, starting at nearly zero flow, and do not cause any pressure loss. This makes the OPTISONIC 3400 uniquely suitable for critical processes.

Bi-directional flow measure­ment is a standard feature of the OPTISONIC 3400 which can also be used as a smart safety feature, e.g. triggering an alarm in case of a reverse flow.

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