Wastewater Mixing News

  1. New SolarBee GS-12 High-Volume, Submersible Mixer Provides Economical Tank Mixing For Optimal Water Quality

    The new SolarBee GS-12 high-volume submersible mixer thoroughly mixes potable water storage tanks of a wide size range, ensuring uniform distribution of disinfectant, preventing stratification and providing uniform water age.

  2. The World’s First Submersible Mixer Concept With A Permanent-Magnet Motor Launched At WEFTEC 2010

    The unique ABS submersible mixer concept XRW with permanent-magnet technology for wastewater treatment offers customers long-term reliability, minimal maintenance and maximal equipment life-cycles for optimal lifecycle economy.

  3. Full Line Of SolarBee Energy-Efficient Mixers Reduces Odors And Energy Costs In Wastewater Ponds

    The full line of SolarBee mixers is designed to solve a variety of municipal and industrial wastewater quality problems including odor control, EPA discharge permit violations and high energy costs.

  4. New SolarBee® SB400 Potable-Water Tank Mixer Designed For Smaller Tanks, Tight Municipal Budgets

    The new SolarBee SB400 potable-water tank mixer is specifically designed to completely mix small potable-water tanks (up to 300,000 gallons), while providing up to 40 percent first-cost savings over other mixers.

  5. Philadelphia Mixing Solutions Ltd RAVEN 3800 Series Mixer Drive Tackles Tough Tasks In Water And Wastewater Industry

    Philadelphia Mixing Solutions Ltd, the world leader in process mixing technology, introduces RAVEN 3800 series mixer drives, designed specifically for mixing heavy-duty concentrations of water and wastewater.

  6. Philadelphia Mixing Solutions Ltd RAPTOR Directional Mixing & Aeration System Increases Efficiency, Savings For Water Treatment In Industrial/Municipal Basins And Lagoons

    The RAPTOR Directional Mixing & Aeration System from Philadelphia Mixing Solutions Ltd, the world leader in process mixing technology, is now available for applications in the water and wastewater treatment industry.

  7. Philadelphia Mixing Solutions Ltd Talon Low-Speed Aeration Impeller Helps Water Treatment Facilities Achieve Higher Oxidation, Lower Energy Costs

    Philadelphia Mixing Solutions Ltd, the world leader in process mixing technology, announced the availability of its Talon low-speed aeration impeller. As the next-generation advancement in the company’s Aerophoil design, the Talon is ideal for higher RPM wastewater applications for industrial and municipal facilities facing the constant challenge of combating solids, sludge, rag, increased volume and rising energy costs.

  8. Flygt Introduces Most Powerful Banana Blade Mixer

    Flygt first developed “banana” blade mixers in 1984, to improve efficiency when large volumes of water needed to be circulated

  9. Philadelphia Mixing Solutions Enters Agreement To Offer OLOID™-PTM Mixers To Treat Wastewater Lagoons

    Philadelphia Mixing Solutions, Ltd announces that they have acquired the exclusive rights to market and sell the OLOID™ line of wastewater mixers in the Americas.

  10. PMSL Is First Mixing Vendor Approved for Highest Quality Standard

    Philadelphia Mixing Solutions, Ltd. (PMSL) has been approved for the industry’s highest level of Quality Standard, Nuclear Quality Assurance-1, as defined by American Society of Mechanical Engineers