Wastewater Mixing News

  1. Capital Savings & Energy Savings - Slot Injector™ – The Superior Jet Aeration System

    Since 2001 KLa Systems has supplied innovative jet aeration and jet mixing systems for industry, water utilities, and municipalities around the world. In 2006 we introduced the Slot Injector™ aeration system.

  2. Philadelphia Mixing Solutions Leads Advancements In Mixer Technology With Cutlass BSE-R

    Philadelphia Mixing Solutions, Ltd., the world's most experienced fluid mixing equipment and process optimization experts, announces the advancements of their leading Cutlass side entry mixers to include the BSE-R fixed-angle and the BSE-R swivel models.

  3. Otterbine Offers New Solution For Small Pond Aeration

    Otterbine has released their 1/2HP Fractional Series Aerating Fountain and Mixer line. Available now, the package includes 4 spray patterns and a horizontal mixer – the only unit like it on the market today.

  4. Aqua-Jet Aerators Receive NSF 61 Approval For Potable Water Applications

    Potable water systems use various disinfectants, such as chlorine, to kill viruses and bacteria that otherwise exist in the source water. Disinfection by-products (DBPs) are chemicals formed when disinfectants, largely chlorine, react with naturally occurring organic matter in the water.

  5. GridBee GS-12 Potable Tank Mixers Now Available With 120-Volt And 240-Volt Motors, Reducing Cost To Less Than $8,000

    The GridBee GS-12 family of electric mixers for potable water storage tanks now includes models with 120-volt and 240-volt motors, reducing the purchase price to under $8,000. The mixers rest on the floor of a potable water storage tank, constantly circulating water to evenly distribute disinfectant and kill bacteria.

  6. Historic Concord Maintains Legacy Of 'Revolutionary' High Standards With SolarBee Mixing Technology In Potable Water Storage System

    For the residents of Concord, Massachusetts, high standards are part of their heritage. The “shot heard round the world,” fired in Concord, began the Revolutionary War and set new standards for democracy.

  7. SolarBee Circulation Technology Cuts Aeration Runtime

    A SolarBee mixer installed at the activated sludge wastewater treatment plant in Eden, NC has helped reduced annual electricity cost 42 percent and provided an 11-month payback.

  8. New Grid-Powered Wastewater Mixer From SolarBee Cuts Purchase Cost By 45%, Displaces 30 To 50 HP Of Aeration

    A new line of grid-powered wastewater mixers from SolarBee, Inc. cuts equipment costs up to 45 percent compared to comparable solar-powered models, according to the manufacturer.

  9. New SolarBee GS-12 High-Volume, Submersible Mixer Provides Economical Tank Mixing For Optimal Water Quality

    The new SolarBee GS-12 high-volume submersible mixer thoroughly mixes potable water storage tanks of a wide size range, ensuring uniform distribution of disinfectant, preventing stratification and providing uniform water age.

  10. Full Line Of SolarBee Energy-Efficient Mixers Reduces Odors And Energy Costs In Wastewater Ponds

    The full line of SolarBee mixers is designed to solve a variety of municipal and industrial wastewater quality problems including odor control, EPA discharge permit violations and high energy costs.