News | January 5, 2009

Philadelphia Mixing Solutions Ltd Talon Low-Speed Aeration Impeller Helps Water Treatment Facilities Achieve Higher Oxidation, Lower Energy Costs

Source: Philadelphia Mixing Solutions

Philadelphia Mixing Solutions Ltd, the world leader in process mixing technology, announced the availability of its Talon low-speed aeration impeller. As the next-generation advancement in the company’s Aerophoil design, the Talon is ideal for higher RPM wastewater applications for industrial and municipal facilities facing the constant challenge of combating solids, sludge, rag, increased volume and rising energy costs.

Specifically designed for superior performance in surface aeration applications, the Talon impeller’s curved, large-diameter design promotes high flow and unmatched oxygen transfer – up to 25% greater oxygen transfer than other available aeration solutions, achieving standard aeration efficiency of up to 4.5 lbs O2/hp-hr. The Talon impeller can be retrofitted to any existing mixer drive, and can be custom-designed to meet any basin requirements. Available in varied materials and coatings to meet specific applications, it can be designed to operate at varying liquid levels.

Philadelphia Mixing Solutions’ Talon impeller is designed for the company’s industry-leading HALO (High Aeration, Long Oxidation) system, which is proven to lower maintenance costs, handle varying load capacities, reduce operational complexity, improve effluent quality, and improve operational control. The combined system creates a turnkey, cost-effective surface aeration solution that controls Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD), nitrification/de-nitrification, and biological phosphorous removal. The combined system features a variably pitched, parabolic-cambered, hyper-raked, skewed design, plus proven performance backed by extensive testing using fine element analysis (FEA) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD).

Philadelphia Mixing Solutions’ products dramatically reduce energy and maintenance costs, and are engineered for years of reliable, trouble-free performance. The company custom-builds its solutions in the industry's largest and most sophisticated R&D facility, which includes a 750,000 gallon tank that simulates full-scale operations and offers quick-turnaround testing/modeling of alternative mixing designs.

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SOURCE: Philadelphia Mixing Solutions