Wastewater Mixing News

  1. A Revolution In Wastewater Lagoon Aeration

    The Reliant Water Technologies Lagoon Master Water Moving Aerator is specifically designed to operate in waste lagoons to provide aeration and mixing with a minimum of energy. A single unit will move the water within a 1 to 5 acre area (depends on lagoon depth), providing impressive savings in aeration energy use.

  2. The Cure For Collection System Odor, FOG And H2S Problems

    Reliant Water Technologies will be showing its Collection System Wet Well aeration system that is guaranteed to eliminate odor (including H2S), liquefy all FOG constituents in the wet well, and activate the indigenous bacteria in the well for improved organic digestion and wet well cleaning.

  3. GridBee GS AP Air-Powered Mixer From Medora Corporation Simplifies Maintenance For Easy, Affordable Potable Water Tank Mixing

    The new GridBee GS AP air-powered mixer from Medora Corporation easily and affordably mixes potable water tanks up to 200 feet tall and reservoirs of all sizes.

  4. Slot Injector™ Aeration System For Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) Plants

    KLa Systems has recently completed our 30th MBR aeration system project using our Slot Injector™ aeration technology. These plants are for industrial customers and although predominantly in the food & beverage sector, we have also supplied MBR aeration systems for leachate treatment, chemical and petrochemical processing effluent.

  5. Xylem Celebrates 4 Million Flygt Wastewater Pumps Solving Water Challenges Worldwide

    Xylem Inc. (NYSE: XYL), a leading global water technology company, has produced the 4 millionth Flygt wastewater pump at its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Sweden. Xylem is the first international pump manufacturer to have produced this quantity of wastewater pumps at the same facility. The 4 millionth Flygt wastewater pump will support the efficient operation of the central pumping station at Azaibah, Muscat, Oman which pumps wastewater across eight kilometres to the Al Ansab treatment plant in the Middle Eastern state.

  6. Xylem Introduces New Flygt Mixer With Built-In Speed Regulation To Help Reduce Energy Costs By Up To 50 Percent

    Xylem Inc., a leading global water technology company, has launched a new high efficiency, low-speed, submersible wastewater mixer that can help reduce energy costs by as much as 50 percent*.

  7. GridBee® AP500 Air-Powered Mixer Offers Maintenance-Free Mixing For Wet Wells, Lift Stations And Wastewater Basins

    The GridBee AP500 air-powered mixer, the smallest mixer in the AP Series from Medora Corporation, features a non-clog design with no moving parts and no electricity in the water.

  8. Xylem To Supply Specialized Mixing Equipment To Help Reduce Passage Times Through The Panama Canal

    Xylem, a leading global water technology company focused on addressing the world’s most challenging water issues, has won a contract to provide specialized mixer equipment and associated technology as part of a significant development of the Panama Canal.

  9. Landia Slurry Mixer Gets Beneath The Surface At Award-Winning Worthy Farm In Pilton, Somerset, Home Of The Glastonbury Festival

    A submersible slurry mixer made by Landia has completed 17 years of uninterrupted service at Worthy Farm in Pilton, Somerset, home of the Glastonbury Festival.

  10. WWTP Lagoon Retrofit With SolarBee® Mixers Solves Short-Circuiting Problems

    The 100-acre facultative lagoon system at the Iola, Kansas wastewater treatment plant was plenty big enough to meet the needs of the community: a population of about 5,700 plus a local candy manufacturer.