News | February 16, 2016

GridBee GS AP Air-Powered Mixer From Medora Corporation Simplifies Maintenance For Easy, Affordable Potable Water Tank Mixing

The new GridBee GS AP air-powered mixer from Medora Corporation easily and affordably mixes potable water tanks up to 200 feet tall and reservoirs of all sizes. Air-powered mixing simplifies operation because, without moving parts in the tank such as a motor, there is no need to climb or enter the tank for repair or replacement. Like Medora’s electric-powered and solar-powered mixers, the air-powered mixer thoroughly mixes the entire tank volume from tank floor to water surface for consistent disinfectant residuals, even temperature profiles and uniform water age.

“The air-powered model gives utility managers and operators even more flexibility in choosing how to mix their tanks,” said Joel Bleth, president, Medora Corporation. “The mixer is engineered for easy installation; everything you need is in the box.”

The air-powered mixer easily installs through a 12-inch or larger hatch or tank opening. Components in the tank have a 25-year life expectancy. Optional SCADA and time controls provide real-time feedback on tank mixing. The low-noise, ground-level compressor is available in ½-HP or 1 HP, and includes a 5-micron air filter. It operates on standard 120VAC power. A cold-climate air hose is optional. The mixer is certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 61 and NSF/ANSI Standard 372.

About Medora Corporation
GridBee and SolarBee brand products from Medora Corporation provide mixing, THM removal and disinfectant boosting solutions to solve difficult problems in potable water treatment and storage. Medora’s potable products are certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 61, including Annex G for low-lead content. For more information, visit