News | June 29, 2020

Low Energy Lake, Pond, Lagoon Mixing

Lagoon Comander

The Reliant Water Technologies Lagoon Commander Mixer is specifically designed to operate in lakes, ponds, drinking water storage lagoons and animal waste (CAFO) mixing applications utilizing a minimum of energy. A single unit will move the water within a 2 acre area (depends on lagoon depth), providing impressive savings in mixing energy use. The key element to the design is that the Lagoon Commander utilizes the weight of moving water to mix the lagoon from the bottom up. This slow moving, fluid mass along the bottom of the lagoon, allows for the ammonia, nitrogen and H2S components trapped in bottom sediments to rise and naturally dissipate through oxidation. The continuous mixing effect of the water also causes a natural “under tow” on the surface, pulling floating debris and blue green algae from the top and mixing it with the nutrients in the water column. This same vertical mixing eliminates stratification and guarantees that seasonal turnover will never again be experienced. This process also reduces all odors almost 100% as long as the Commander continues to run. There is an ‘Ice Option’ for lagoons that freeze during the winter.

Drinking water inlet or storage lagoons, and irrigation lagoons have major problems with heavy algae blooms, and sometimes blue green algae (Cyanobacteria) toxic surface growth. Blooms in these lagoons cause increased maintenance costs ranging from filter cleaning and increased chemical use in order to make the water useful. The Lagoon Commander will eliminate Cyanobacteria and thin algae blooms 100% of the time, which will reduce costs.

Using a total of only 3 horsepower of energy, it moves over 17 million gallons of water per day through itself. The Lagoon Commander is made of HDPE, with an aluminum or stainless steel frame. The anodized industrial blowers are warranted for 3 years. The only maintenance requirement for the Commander is the occasional cleaning of a stainless steel blower filter.

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Source: RELIANT Water Technologies