Source Water Contamination

  1. Report: Nitrate Contamination Afflicts 15 Million Americans

    Nitrates are polluting the drinking water of more than 15 million people in 49 states and pose a particular threat in rural areas, according to a new report highlighting the scope of this kind of contamination.

  2. Sewage Drama Between Mexico, U.S. May Worsen

    Sewage leaks along the border between Mexico and the U.S. may get worse, and officials are debating how to address the issue.

  3. Following Harvey, EPA And Industry Disagree Over Superfund Site Cleanup

    When Texas, among other places, was hit with Hurricane Harvey this summer, it faced numerous stormwater management and water quality issues.

  4. San Diego’s Hepatitis A Outbreak: Water Warnings Went Unheeded

    As the death toll continues to rise due to San Diego County’s hepatitis A virus outbreak, reports say water officials had warned about the risk for years.

  5. Treatment Plant Filters Identified As Source Of Drinking Water Contamination

    University researchers in North Carolina have pointed to an unlikely culprit for water contamination: the treatment filters themselves.

  6. Following Maria, Puerto Rico Facing Severe Sewage Crisis

    Tap water service interruption is only part of the water crisis in Puerto Rico. Another major, related problem is the sewage crisis unfolding at the same time.

  7. Montana Water Quality Researchers Slap Canadian Coal Operation With $1.8 Million Fine

    As an area of Montana struggles with dangerous water contamination, it has taken action against a polluter across the border.

  8. Following Water Quality Concerns, Fracking Banned From The Delaware River Basin

    In a move that has already draw controversy from either side of the hydraulic fracturing debate, the Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) has voted to ban the practice from its purview.

  9. As Discharged Sewage Contaminates Niagara Falls, Outdated Infrastructure Is To Blame

    Niagara Falls may be best known for its majestic, natural beauty, but this precious resource is having a hard time lately as the area’s wastewater treatment swims upstream against fundamental infrastructure issues.

  10. Following Animas Spill, EPA Installs Barrier And Valve

    The U.S. EPA is expected to police pollution in the nation’s waterways, but in an infamous instance two years ago, the agency itself became the polluter.