Source Water Contamination

  1. Following Maria, Puerto Rico Facing Severe Sewage Crisis

    Tap water service interruption is only part of the water crisis in Puerto Rico. Another major, related problem is the sewage crisis unfolding at the same time.

  2. Montana Water Quality Researchers Slap Canadian Coal Operation With $1.8 Million Fine

    As an area of Montana struggles with dangerous water contamination, it has taken action against a polluter across the border.

  3. Following Water Quality Concerns, Fracking Banned From The Delaware River Basin

    In a move that has already draw controversy from either side of the hydraulic fracturing debate, the Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) has voted to ban the practice from its purview.

  4. As Discharged Sewage Contaminates Niagara Falls, Outdated Infrastructure Is To Blame

    Niagara Falls may be best known for its majestic, natural beauty, but this precious resource is having a hard time lately as the area’s wastewater treatment swims upstream against fundamental infrastructure issues.

  5. Following Animas Spill, EPA Installs Barrier And Valve

    The U.S. EPA is expected to police pollution in the nation’s waterways, but in an infamous instance two years ago, the agency itself became the polluter.

  6. NC Utility Begins Major GenX Pumping Project

    The Cape Fear Public Utility Authority (CFPUA) began pumping water out of its aquifer and storage recovery site in September as part its plan to address GenX challenges.

  7. Coal Ash And Water Quality Debate Rages In Indiana

    Shortly after the EPA has moved to delay restrictions on coal ash dumping into water sources, concerns have been raised in Indiana about what this pollution is doing to local supplies.

  8. Stipends May Be Solution To PFC Remediation Funding

    Who should pay to resolve perfluorinated compound (PFC) contamination: well owners, polluters, local governments, states, environmental regulators, or the Pentagon?

  9. Report: Northeast Ohio Discharging Pollutants, Violating CWA

    A new sweeping report from one of Cleveland’s leading news outlets has found that hundreds of wastewater treatment plants in Northeast Ohio have been discharging pollutants in violation of the Clean Water Act (CWA) over the past five years.

  10. 517 Containers Of Unknown Chemicals Among Leak Concerns Following Harvey

    Latest on the list of water quality fallout from Hurricane Harvey: hundreds of containers of mysterious, potentially dangerous material found to have escaped and possibly to have contaminated the environment.