Flow Control and Measurement Podcasts

  1. The End Of The Flow Meter?

    A system of sensors, flow meters, and telemetry has been the typical setup for many wastewater treatment plants. Kraig Moodie, president of FloWav, and Kelly Abercrombie, Director of Sales and Marketing, FloWav, tell us in an interview with Water Online radio, that they take out the flow meter out of the equation and capitalize on Smart Sensor technology.

  2. A New Way To Measure Flow

    CiDRA is a process optimization company traditionally focused on the mining, oil, sands, pulp and paper, and agro processing industries, but now setting its sights on water and wastewater. Why the sudden interest?

  3. How Cloud-Based Technology Is Changing The Wastewater Flow Monitoring Industry

    Kevin Marsh, Vice President of Flow Sales at Hach, explains how the latest advancements in mobile technology allow customers to measure data such as speed and depth of sewage flow from a remote location, allowing for increased insight and reduced capital expenses.