Selecting The Right Valve For Your Needs

Source: Henry Pratt Company

Henry Pratt is a manufacturer of water and wastewater products, and offers most valves that are used to convey water and wastewater through systems. Ed Schutz, Director Marketing with Henry Pratt, joined Water Online Radio for an interview to tell us more.

“The proper selection of valve can assist in lowering an electricity bill because a valve that has an obstruction when it's open is creating head loss, and when you're creating head loss, you have to use more energy to overcome the loss,” Schutz tells us.

The trick is to design the butterfly valve — Henry Pratt’s marquee product -- that is a very efficient structure that causes the least amount of head loss. That is something that users should be evaluating when they're selecting valves. “We've shown that in a normal pumping situation, four to five feet per second through a particular valve over the course of a year, that you're talking $25,000 in a 24 inch line with one valve versus the other and you start multiplying and it could be some significant dollars,” said Schutz.

Henry Pratt recently acquired a new valve company called Line Valve, which has been very active in the industrial market, and manufactures a line of knife gates for mines, coal, and power companies where they are conveying slurries.

To hear more about this acquisition, and the products Henry Pratt has to offer, click the radio player below.

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