A New Way To Measure Flow


CiDRA is a process optimization company traditionally focused on the mining, oil, sands, pulp and paper, and agro processing industries, but now setting its sights on water and wastewater. Why the sudden interest?

John Biesak of CiDRA explains to Water Online Radio why the move made sense:

“Through our market research, we’ve determined a very large opportunity for our technology in water and wastewater. …We’re supplying volumetric flow measurement, which is part of process control and necessary for any waste treatment plant or municipal water operation.

“We have a unique way of doing that. It is not intrusive technology; different than ultrasonic. These industries typically use magnetic meters. That’s a great flow metering tool, but to install a magnetic meter you need to stop the process flow, empty the pipe, weld flanges, and you may potentially need isolation bypass lines.

“The SONARtrac flow meter is installed on the existing pipe without any of those other accessories needed. Once this thing is installed, it will work accurately and repeatedly for decades. It will supply the information that the end customer needs.”

To hear more about CiDRA’s foray into water/wastewater and how it can benefit municipalities, tune in below.

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