Drinking Water Treatment Case Studies and White Papers

  1. NE Alabama Water District Case Study
    Northeast Alabama Water District (NEAW) services 15,200 connections within 2,052 square miles, resulting in a very large distribution area.
  2. High Recovery Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment For Industrial, Agricultural, And Municipal Applications

    Industry accounts for nearly 60 percent of fresh water withdrawals in the developed world and agriculture consumes 70 percent of fresh water supplies globally, according to UNESCO.

  3. City Solves Reliability And Maintenance Problems For WTP Hypo Feeds

    A municipal water quality manager reports replacement of sodium hypochlorite (hypo) vacuum feeder units with a more advanced type at one water treatment plant (WTP) has helped allow for continued reliability for chlorination.

  4. Coagulation Optimization With Real Time Organics Monitoring

    Awareness about the negative effects of natural organic matter (NOM) within water and wastewater processes has increased due to ubiquitous concentrations in surface waters and some ground water sources. The need for effective organics removal has become more important as utilities work to meet increasingly strict regulations and optimize treatment technologies.

  5. Water Supplier Ensures DBP Compliance With UV254 Organic Monitoring
    Mohawk Valley Water Authority (MVWA) is a progressive supplier of potable water. With source water from the Adirondack Mountains, MVWA works to improve on nature and provide superior water quality, always striving to meet or exceed drinking water standards. Like many other surface water sources, MVWA’s water supply is rich with natural organic matter (NOM). Unfortunately, growing research has demonstrated that NOM in water when combined with chlorine leads to the formation of potentially harmful disinfection by-products. By Jodi Glover, Real Tech Inc.
  6. Guaynabo WTP In Puerto Rico Saves Thousands With UV 254 Monitoring Package

    Dealing with fluctuating water sources is not an easy task for plant operators. Seasonal variation, heavy rain fall or accidental contamination events change the raw water quality, requiring immediate attention. This is a familiar scenario for Facility Manager, Nancy Ma. Cáceres Acosta at the Los Filtros Water Treatment Plant in Puerto Rico. She has been producing highquality water for 256,000 local residents, receiving surface water from the Guaynabo and Bayamon River

  7. New Ultrasonic Flowmeters Improve Biogas Measurements

    As interest in biogas grows, more attention is being paid to measuring biogas flow, which has long been a problem area in process measuring technology. By Dick Laan, Ultrasonic Flow Product Manager, and Rick Lowrie, Water & Wastewater Industry Manager, KROHNE, Inc.

  8. Stormwater Treatment and Reuse - Toronto, Ontario (Case Study)

    Sherbourne Common is an innovative waterfront park that provides the public with green recreational space along Lake Ontario in a former industrial area. 

  9. Seasonal Organics Variations: Effects On The Efficiency Of Water Treatment Processes
    Natural organic matter (NOM) in source water has created a lot of interest in the field of water purification. By Real Tech Inc.
  10. Article: Electromagnetic Water Meters Offer Major Benefits For Monitoring And Billing Of Cold Water Usage Of Large Consumers
    Water is a scarce and precious commodity. Worldwide the competition between domestic, commercial, industrial and agriculture sectors for clean water is intensifying and putting enormous pressure on freshwater resources. As a result the price of water is increasing throughout the world. By KROHNE, Inc.