Consumer Outreach

  1. After Bill Shock, Water Utility Defends Meter Upgrade

    Can a water meter upgrade mean higher bills for customers?

  2. Water Utility Sale Under Protest In Indiana

    A proposal to sell the water utility in Charlestown, IN, is coming under intense criticism.

  3. Philadelphia Overhauls Low-Income Water Billing Program

    Known for its high rate of deep poverty, Philadelphia already has a program to help low-income residents with their water bills. But city officials say they are introducing a new program that will be more supportive of a higher number of residents.

  4. In Mississippi, Debate Over Water Waivers For Domestic Violence Victims

    The Mississippi Supreme Court recently reaffirmed the opinion that state regulators cannot force hundreds of rural water utilities to give domestic violence survivors extra time to pay their deposits when hooking up new water accounts.

  5. Detroit Halves 'At Risk' Water Households, But Many Still Struggle

    Around 18,000 Detroit households were vulnerable to water service shutoffs earlier this year, but in recent weeks that number has been cut in half, water officials say.

  6. Racial Slur Hurled In Flint Water Recording, Official Resigns

    An official in Genesee County resigned this week after using a racial slur to describe water customers in Flint, MI.

  7. Teens Face Water Supply Tampering Charges In Indiana

    From contamination risks to water main breaks, water utility pros ward off countless threats to clean water delivery on any given day.

  8. Utah Faces Challenges In Water Data Reporting Effort

    As Utah struggles with water scarcity, the state is having trouble with a key tool for managing this issue: water data.

  9. 27,000 Detroit Homes Have Had Water Shut Off

    Detroit officials continually argue that the city is working to refine its water shutoff policies and keep water turned on in more homes, but the number of shutoffs actually increased last year.

  10. Despite Rumors Following Chemical Spill, Atlanta Assures That Drinking Water Is Safe

    Last month, about 250 gallons of benzoyl chloride, a compound that is used in medicines, dyes, and resins, spilled on Interstate 85 in Atlanta, GA.