Consumer Outreach

  1. Despite Rumors Following Chemical Spill, Atlanta Assures That Drinking Water Is Safe

    Last month, about 250 gallons of benzoyl chloride, a compound that is used in medicines, dyes, and resins, spilled on Interstate 85 in Atlanta, GA.

  2. Utilities Fear Trump Will Cut WaterSense Program

    Water utilities are advocating for the federal government to retain the U.S. EPA’s signature water conservation program despite proposed budget cuts from President Trump.

  3. For Utility, Customer Complaints Spur Regulatory Action

    Water utilities are highly regulated, and that means unhappy customers can bring more than complaints — they can stir up regulatory action.

  4. Huge Deficit Prompts Water Shutoffs, Inspections In Mississippi

    A water provider in Mississippi is cracking down on customers after the city utility department found out it had run up a $3.4 million deficit.

  5. According To Study, Jacksonville Residents Are Not Happy With Water

    Jacksonville, FL, has a distinction that it may not want publicized too much. The city’s water quality has been ranked poorly by residents in a recent study by professors at the University of North Florida.

  6. Stuck Valve Turns Town’s Water Hot Pink

    Residents of a small Canadian town awoke to an unpleasant surprise this week: hot pink tap water.

  7. New Legislation: Customers Must Be Informed Of Water Contamination Within 24 Hours

    Because of a law passed at the end of last year, public water utilities will now have to inform customers within 24 hours if contaminated water is flowing into their homes.

  8. Camera Catches Questionable Move By Cleveland Water

    A media outlet claims that the Cleveland Division of Water was caught on camera using improper billing practices.

  9. Website Developed To Inform Californians Of Drinking Water Standard Violations

    A new website from the State Water Resources Control Board in California showed that there are nearly 300 communities within the state that are currently not meeting safe drinking water standards.

  10. Uranium Contaminates Montana Water System

    A water system in Montana that has been plagued with chronic water problems recently warned residents about uranium contamination.