Kamstrup is a world-leading supplier of intelligent energy and water metering solutions. Our solutions support utilities and are applied in properties with individual metering. For 70 years, we have delivered reliable, cost-effective ways to measure, manage energy, and water consumption worldwide. Our technological leadership coupled with deep customer insight and understanding is our foundation for creating long-term value for our customers.


Kamstrup has expanded on its already proven ultrasonic technology by including the ability for its newest meter, the flowIQ® 2200, to listen for leaks via acoustic leak detection – which makes it the first and only single solution with integrated acoustic leak detection available to the market.

Next generation smart water metering – with the flowIQ® AMI series.

Next generation Encoded Meter reading.

Next generation smart water metering with the flowIQ® AMR series

Major global trends are having a profound effect on the water industry from aging workforce and infrastructure, securing the future of our drinking water resources and digitalization. How do you deal with these challenges? With smart metering solutions from Kamstrup, you can start addressing these issues today and gain the confidence to overcome the challenges of tomorrow.



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  • Kamstrup Introduces Next-Generation Solution With Integrated Acoustic Leak Detection

    Danish company Kamstrup, a world-leading supplier of energy and water metering solutions with headquarters in Denmark as well as local operations and a production facility in Roswell, Georgia, has launched its newest solution to the North American market: an acoustic leak detection solution consisting of the flowIQ® 2200 ultrasonic residential water meter, Leak Detector software and supporting services.

  • Every Drop Counts

    The fast-growing city of Lincolnton, North Carolina, installs new metering system that’s addressing “meterbox blindness” – and quickly recovering lost revenue in the process.

  • Non-Revenue Water - Understanding And Working Proactively With Non-Revenue Water

    Non-Revenue Water is a well-known global problem that results in large volumes of water being lost. It is a very real challenge faced by the majority of water utilities as a consequence of increased urbanization, higher demand, increased prices and aging distribution networks.

  • The Digital Utility - Potential Of Smart Water Metering

    Using the latest and greatest technology has become commonplace. We use it every day to stay informed and connected. Today, utilities are leveraging digital technology by transforming tasks that were once manual to digital.

  • Recouping Revenue With Accurate Water Meters - Ira Township, MI

    Ira Township in Fairhaven, MI used to have a variety of water meters with different reading technology—radio, touchread, automatic reading boxes and direct-read meters. On average, the meters were 19 years old and some were as old as 40 years. “With meters that old, we were not recouping all the revenue we should be,” says Chris Hiltunen, Ira Township Water & Department of Public Service Superintendent.

  • When Your Weakness Becomes Your Strength

    Significant water loss leads to new technologies putting the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians on the cutting edge of service.

  • City Of Dyer Makes Meter Reading A Simpler Task, Benefitting Public Works And The Community

    For a city government that handles all aspects of the city’s business, finding areas to improve their efficiency is key. By selecting a metering system that combines consistent meter quality with a user-friendly, open-system approach, they get better technology for less investment and improve customer service for their residents.

  • Simple And Smart: How Radio-Read Meters Are Improving Meter Reading

    When Hank Zwart took over as director of public works in 2014, the city was in the initial phases of installing a walkby system that was eight-year-old technology. Knowing this older metering technology is not the best way forward, Zwart and the City of Prescott decided to implement the latest AMR technology that supports future migration to AMI. To meet this goal, City of Prescott chose Kamstrup’s READy AMR system.

  • Town Of Urbanna Reduces Water Loss With Kamstrup Smart Meters

    Town of Urbanna had a non-revenue water challenge to solve while simultaneously managing new state regulations. To help in both areas, the town chose Kamstrup Water Metering’s flowIQ® smart water meters and drive-by meter reading system.

  • Chicopee Rural Water District Measures With Electronic Water Meters

    Chicopee Rural Water District has a rich history in the rural water community; Chicopee is the first-ever rural water district in the state of Kansas and second in the nation. In 2015, the water district decided to update their system by installing electronic water meters. “We talked extensively with three different smart water meter suppliers,” says Jerry Lomshek, Vice Chair of the board and district bookkeeper for Chicopee Rural Water District. “Together with our operator, Ed Thompson, we recommended the Kamstrup meter reading system to the board, and they agreed and approved it.” With the accurate flowIQ® water meter, it eliminates the need for re-reads.

  • City Of Magnolia Improves Meter Reading Process

    The City of Magnolia is a historical railroad town with the charm of small town USA. Its growing economy allows and promotes community improvements. When it came to the city’s water meters, the water department had a challenge that often comes along with older cities–meters that are in hard-to-reach or difficult-to-find locations.

  • High Water Bills Lead To Smart Meter Solution

    At Horizon Apartments in Lexington, SC, property owner Rick Tangri faced a challenge common among property owners: he billed his tenants a flat rate for water, but his property water bills continued to rise. Unsure of where the high water bills were stemming from, Mr. Tangri decided to explore smart water meter options as a way to save water and money.


  • Utilizing Next-Gen Smart Meters With Acoustic Leak Detection To Address Non-Revenue Water

    Non-revenue water is one of the biggest challenges for water utilities worldwide and in the U.S., contributing to billions of dollars’ worth of treated water lost each year. And, with up to 31 percent of water loss coming from leaks in service connections, it is crucial to have detailed knowledge and transparency across your distribution network. That’s why Kamstrup has developed a next-generation smart water meter with integrated acoustic leak detection to proactively identify potential leaks in service connections, which enables utilities to prioritize their daily efforts to where and when they will have the biggest impact. 

  • Kamstrup Explainer — How Acoustic Leak Detection Works

    Now, you can let every smart water meter work for you to help locate leaks and create an unprecedented transparency in your distribution network. Acting like a fine-meshed network of noise loggers, the flowIQ® 2200 water meters listen to the distribution lines and service connections to detect leaks.

  • Kamstrup Acoustic Leak Detection Overview

    The state-of-the-art flowIQ® 2200 ultrasonic water meter introduces integrated acoustic leak detection that enables you to monitor your service connections for possible leaks. With its best-in-class low start flow, the flowIQ® 2200 measures even the smallest consumption. The meter is highly stable throughout the entire dynamic range with a very low error margin – and as a static meter without moving parts, it maintains the same high accuracy throughout its lifetime of up to 20 years. 

  • User-Friendly AMR Meter Reading System

    An overview of the simplicity and ease of use as well as the capabilities of the Kamstrup AMR solution.

  • Kamstrup flowIQ® 2100 Ultrasonic Smart Water Meter

    Next generation smart water metering with the flowIQ® AMR series. The ideal ultrasonic smart water meter for residential use.

  • Kamstrup North America Overview

    For over 70 years utilities have trusted Kamstrup to deliver reliable meter solutions. And while other companies are offshore in production, Kamstrup continues to invest in production and jobs in the United States.

  • Address “Meterbox Blindness” With Smart Water Meters

    The fast-growing city of Lincolnton, North Carolina, installs new metering system that’s addressing “meterbox blindness” – and quickly recovering lost revenue in the process.

  • When Your Weakness Becomes Your Strength: Video Case Study

    Significant water loss leads to new technologies that put the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians on the cutting edge of service.

  • Say Goodbye To Mechanical Metering

    To think forward and prepare for the future, sometimes we need to change perspectives and say goodbye. This is also true within water metering. With technology rapidly changing, this is the perfect time to say goodbye to mechanical metering and hello to the benefits of smart metering.

  • Beat The Leak

    Reducing Non-Revenue Water and water loss becomes so much easier and so much more efficient when you have access to the right information at the right time.