For more than a century, AMERICAN has been committed to doing things the right way – exceeding customer expectations, caring for our employees and building strong communities. Taking pride in our work means taking the time to do it right. And that commitment to excellence is reflected in each of the products we proudly produce.


  AFC Valve and Hydrant Manual  
Series 2500 Flex-Ring Gate Valve Video


  AFC Valve and Hydrant Manual


  Demonstration Shows Strength And Resiliency Of AMERICAN Flex-Ring Pipe


The Everglades is the most corrosive soil environment in America. In this interview, Maury Gaston, Manager of Marketing Services for AMERICAN Ductile Iron Pipe and AMERICAN SpiralWeld Pipe, discusses a study that involved burying ductile iron pipe specimens coated with zinc, top-coated with a finishing layer, and wrapped in V-Bio encased polyethylene, and the results when they were exhumed. 

Metro Water Services’ Low Transmission Water Main project will help the utility stay ahead of the area’s continued population growth. AMERICAN is providing almost 12,000 feet of 60-inch and more than 13,000 feet of 36-inch ductile iron pipe. AMERICAN Flow Control is also providing 13 resilient wedge gate valves with Flex-Ring ends in sizes 24, 36 and 60 inches in diameter.


The AFC SEMPER RPM featuring "Lift & Shift" capability is an ideal solution for pressure concerns, fire flow testing, and hydraulic model calibration. 

The AFC SEMPER® RPM featuring "Lift & Shift" capability is an ideal solution for pressure monitoring, transient analysis, fire flow testing, customer pressure concerns, and hydraulic model calibration. This flexible installation method allows the use of a smaller number of units to cover a large area with the advantage allowing utilities to move their RTU’s quickly and easily without having to reconfigure the application or retrofit existing assets. 

The AMERICAN Series 2500 Ductile Iron Resilient Wedge Gate Valve is available with ALPHA ends in sizes 4” -12”. The valve is designed for use in drinking water, sewage and fire protection systems as well as irrigation and backflow control systems.

The American Waterous Pacer’s sleek and stylish design blends perfectly with today’s modern architecture.

The American-Darling B-84-B-5 hydrant incorporates more than 100 years of experience in design, manufacture and field experience.

AMERICAN’s 16"-60" Series 2500 ductile iron resilient wedge gate valves are suitable for use in potable water, sewage and fire protection systems.

AMERICAN’s 14"-66" Series 2500 ductile iron resilient wedge gate valves are suitable for use in potable water, sewage and fire protection systems.

AMERICAN’s 14"-66" Series 2500 ductile iron resilient wedge gate valves are suitable for use in potable water, sewage and fire protection systems.

AMERICAN has combined the Flex-Lok boltless ball joint and the Flex-Ring boltless restrained joint to now provide up to 25 degrees of deflection in sizes 4-inch through 12-inch.

Protecto 401–lined ductile iron pipe and fittings provide the maximum protection and the strength necessary to do the job in tough sewer pipe applications.


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  • Pipe Resiliency In Harsh Environments

    A combination of metallized arc-sprayed zinc coating — with a finishing layer topcoat and V-Bio enhanced polyethylene encasement with an anti-microbial compound and a volatile corrosion inhibitor — uniquely protects pipes in the most aggressive soils.

  • Evolving Advantages For Water Distribution Infrastructure

    With a tried-and-true technology like ductile iron pipe, it can be easy to overlook some of the newer developments that are keeping this long-term water-industry standard relevant in the face of challenging operations. In this conversation with Maury Gaston of American Ductile Iron Pipe/American Spiral Weld and Derek Scott of American Flow Control, the benefits of new opportunities abound.




American Cast Iron Pipe Company, founded in Birmingham, Ala., in 1905, is a manufacturer of ductile iron pipe, spiral-welded steel pipe, fire hydrants and valves for the waterworks industry, and electric-resistance-welded steel pipe for the oil and gas industry. AMERICAN’s diversified product line also includes static castings and high-performance fire pumps.

The Birmingham plant, located on a 2,000-acre site with more than 60 acres under roof, is home to one of the world’s largest cupolas; the Contiarc, the first-of-its-kind continuous arc furnace; and AMERICAN Recycling, the only scrap processing facility of its kind in the region.

AMERICAN employs approximately 3,000 people – about 2,000 at its headquarters plant and offices in Birmingham, and about 1,000 at its subsidiary plants: American Castings, LLC, Pryor Creek, Okla.; American SpiralWeld Pipe Company, LLC, Columbia, S.C.; American Valve & Hydrant Manufacturing Company, Beaumont, Texas; Intercast SA, Itauna, Brazil; Specification Rubber Products Inc., Alabaster, Ala.; Pneumax of Peoria, Ariz.; and Waterous Company, South Saint Paul, Minn.

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