For Trace Blackmore, it’s all about helping others. When you help others, they innately help you, too. The host of the Scaling UP! H2O podcast loves to give, and is encouraging others to join him on the World Vision Global 6K for Water, too.

Aquafine’s VL Series provides a compact design and economical ultraviolet (UV) water treatment for low-flow applications, such as laboratory and medical facility water, pharmaceutical make-up processes, final electronic component rinsing and recirculation loops.

The TrojanUVSigna incorporates innovations including TrojanUV Solo Lamp Technology to reduce the total cost of ownership and drastically simplify operation and maintenance. It is an ideal solution for wastewater treatment plants in need of revolutionary UV technology.

After cutting her teeth in the news business as a journalist and news anchor, Andrea Hay now helps shape the story of the water industry as the Director of Communications for Green Bay Water Utility.

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In these times of limited funding, we need both thoughtful and ‘smart’ (i.e., digital technology-enabled) asset management to ensure fiscally sound and environmentally responsible utility operations. Thus, utilities — as well as industrial facilities — should arm themselves with the latest technologies and techniques to keep systems online and effective for as long as possible. The articles in this e-book can help achieve this goal.

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GeoTree Solutions is a leading global provider of highly engineered solutions for repairing, rehabilitating, strengthening, and protecting critical infrastructure spanning the water and wastewater, oil and gas, industrial, and civil sectors. GeoTree’s premium geopolymer solutions and onshore/offshore structural strengthening products can be applied to culverts, sewers, or civil structure repairs. The GeoTree portfolio is unmatched—offering unique, robust, and versatile products for a multitude of applications. Learn more.


leadCAST - Lead Management Software For Utilities

leadCAST from Trinnex is a management system for Lead & Copper Rule programs built by water engineers. With leadCAST, you’ll have everything related to your lead service line replacement program in one place. Access and share at your desk, on the go, and with the community. Learn More …


Get Started with AI: Free Industrial Analytics Consulting Offer

Take advantage of 6 free hours of analytics consulting to jump start your continuous improvement. Many companies want to learn more about AI and analytics, but the big question is how to get started. GE Digital can help. We’re offering 6 free hours of consulting–a $1500 value–to jump start your analytics program in conjunction with Proficy CSense. Learn More.


Providing expert insight into the most important topics in the water and wastewater industry.

  • Includes:
    PFAS Remediation
    Legionella Mitigation
    Industry 4.0 Adoption
    Pesticide Contamination
  • Includes:
    Sustainable Operations
    Environmental Justice
    CMAR Project Delivery
  • Includes:
    Privatization And Consolidation
    Wastewater-Based Epidemiology
    Industrial Reuse
    Nonpoint Source Pollution
  • Includes:
    Leveraging IoT And AI
    Solving Water Scarcity
    Building Resiliency
    Sensing Pipe Failures
  • Includes:
    America's Infrastructure Plan
    Digital Solutions For Industrial Water
    Big Ideas For Small Water Agencies