• Do You Hate Your CMMS?

    Maybe maintenance management has become too complicated?  Maybe the data lumped into a giant table is just not usable.  Maybe you inherited a system picked by someone else that doesn’t meet your needs?  OR maybe what you really wanted wasn’t available when you made your decision?

  • Safety, Savings, Synergy: The Aquana-Itron Partnership Reshaping Utilities

    In the ever-evolving realm of smart water solutions, Aquana's AquaFlex™  Actuator Valve (AVS) emerges as a transformative force, promising heightened operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness for water utilities. This American-designed and manufactured remote water shutoff valve, seamlessly integrated into Itron’s AMI network, is poised to reshape the landscape of utility operations.

  • Revolutionizing Valve Maintenance: Introducing Hydrosave's HydroV® Valve Release System

    In the realm of water supply and wastewater management, the smooth operation of critical valves is essential for maintaining network efficiency and reliability. However, the challenge of seized water and wasterwater valves often leads to disruptions, increased maintenance costs, and compromised service quality. Addressing this challenge head-on, M.E. Simpson Co., Inc. is proud to highlight Hydrosave's revolutionary solution: the HydroV® Valve Release System.

  • Warren Water Recovery Facility Drives Efficiency With Innovative Sampler System

    Read about the solution that was able to provide the Warren Water Recovery Facility with accurate composite sampling, reduced manpower with easy cleaning and maintenance, and predictive maintenance that reduced time in fixing process errors. 

  • How Can Closed Pipe Flow Measurement Reduce The Risk Of Sewer System Surcharging?

    This webinar will explore how mag meters compare to common types of open pipe measurement technologies and how they can help minimize or prevent surcharging.

  • Why Water Utilities Need A Leak Detection System

    An LDS leverages existing meters, sensors, and other instrumentation to more precisely pinpoint leak locations, saving time, money, and manpower spent scouring and searching.


Presented live from Buffalo Sewer Authority, see how the Xylem Vue powered by GoAigua platform has transformed BSA’s operators’ user experience and listen to the BSA team explain how it has empowered their smart sewer journey.

For this episode of The Water Online Show: In The Flow, Ken Sansone, senior partner at SL Environmental Law Group, joins hosts Travis Kennedy and Kevin Westerling to detail multi-district litigation efforts to hold PFAS polluters accountable and provide financial restitution to affected municipalities.

In the latest episode of Unfiltered, Nick Browne and Travis Kennedy get to sit down with Nadia Abboud from ENAY Group and Eric Bindler from Bluefield Research to talk digital transformation and innovation in the water industry. 

Soon after the U.S. EPA announced the finalized rule creating maximum contaminant levels (MCLs) for PFAS in drinking water, Travis Kennedy and Kevin Westerling of Water Online talked to Kyle Thompson, National PFAS Lead at Carollo Engineers, for insight on the rule's impact on water suppliers. Go "In The Flow" with the Water Online Show to understand PFAS compliance timelines, treatment options, available funding, liability issues, and more.
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Discover the EPA’s Lead and Copper Rule Improvements, understand challenges for small communities, and explore the role of digital transformation in managing evolving regulations.

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AqueoUs Vets® (AV) is a leading vertically integrated manufacturer and supplier of water treatment systems that protect public health and the environment by removing PFAS and other contaminants of emerging concern (CECs). As a trusted industry leader, AV pairs its team of seasoned engineers and water industry professionals with an innovative, entrepreneurial approach to creating cutting-edge solutions for each end user. 

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Analytics For Water Utilities: The Key To Maximizing AMI Value

Among the many challenges water utilities face are aging infrastructure, an aging workforce, water loss control, asset management, and paying for necessary infrastructure investments. All of these matters can be tackled more efficiently and effectively using analytics, the computational analysis of raw data to discern useful patterns, and actionable information.

Read the article from Hubbell here.


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