Water Scarcity News Features

  1. International Water Industry Conference Stirs Controversy

    A conference for water-industry professionals scheduled this month in Venice, Italy, has landed at the center of an international political debate.

  2. Drought-Stricken California Faces Questions About Water Reserves

    Late last year, California passed a new set of laws that would, for the first time, require the state to account for its groundwater resources and measure how much water is being used.

  3. Environmentalists Sue To Protect California Fish From Treatment Plant Practices

    The cities of San Bernardino and Colton, CA, and a regional water treatment authority, are being sued by a collective of environmental groups because of the continuous killing of the Santa Ana suckers, a fish on the federal threatened species list.

  4. Reining In Water-Wasting Irrigators With New Science

    Can advances in the laboratory reduce water-scarcity pressure?

  5. Is Rate Restructuring In California Unconstitutional?

    Water conservation and a rise in supply costs compelled the Santa Barbara City Council to hike water rates in August.

  6. Utilities Key To Filling Gaps In California’s Water Data, Report Says

    California has a water-data scarcity problem and experts say utilities have a role in fixing that.

  7. Cali’s $16 Billion Water Plan Gets Audited

    Critics are pushing back against a $16 billion proposal for water security in California, and state lawmakers targeted the plan, supported by Governor Jerry Brown, for a new audit this month.

  8. Conservation Posed $673 Million Threat To Cali Water Districts

    Water utility revenue was a factor in California’s decision to relax strict conservation rules.

  9. Los Angeles County Considers New ‘Hauling Water’ Initiative

    Los Angeles county is considering a “controversial plan” to jumpstart housing development in rural areas by allowing property owners to bring in their own sources of drinking water if no others can be found.

  10. Water Used For Weed Cultivation Faces New California Rules

    California has plans to regulate the water used by marijuana growers since their notoriously thirsty crop has long fallen outside the scope of regulatory oversight.