Water Scarcity News Features

  1. Public Water Utilities Want Water Rebate Taxes Lifted

    Public water utilities are calling on the Obama administration to alter federal policies so water-conservation rebates are not taxed.

  2. Water-Energy Nexus Registry Approved In California

    A new California law encourages water utilities to collect emissions data as part of an effort to bring more transparency to the enormous amount of power gobbled up by water systems, which use 20 percent of the state’s electricity and 30 percent of its natural gas.

  3. California’s Clean Water Revolving Fund Leads To Surge In Reuse

    Water recycling is having a heyday in California during the state’s five-year drought in part due to state policies designed to promote the practice.

  4. Amid Drought, Connecticut Water Utilities On Alert For Cyanotoxins

    Water utility officials in Connecticut are on high alert for cyanotoxins as they contend with the effects of a serious drought.

  5. Massachusetts Taps Emergency Measures To Fight Drought

    Officials in a populous coastal state are cracking down on water wasters and passing emergency measures to bolster their dwindling water supplies — and it’s not the state you might think.

  6. California Island Running Out Of Water

    Residents of Catalina, an island off the coast of California, have tried a laundry list of ways to save water, but they still have not vanquished their supply challenges.

  7. International Water Industry Conference Stirs Controversy

    A conference for water-industry professionals scheduled this month in Venice, Italy, has landed at the center of an international political debate.

  8. Drought-Stricken California Faces Questions About Water Reserves

    Late last year, California passed a new set of laws that would, for the first time, require the state to account for its groundwater resources and measure how much water is being used.

  9. Environmentalists Sue To Protect California Fish From Treatment Plant Practices

    The cities of San Bernardino and Colton, CA, and a regional water treatment authority, are being sued by a collective of environmental groups because of the continuous killing of the Santa Ana suckers, a fish on the federal threatened species list.

  10. Reining In Water-Wasting Irrigators With New Science

    Can advances in the laboratory reduce water-scarcity pressure?