Water Reuse News

  1. WRD Board Approves Landmark Master Plan To Expand Groundwater Supplies

    On Thursday, the Board of Directors of the Water Replenishment District of Southern California (WRD) took a monumental step toward enhancing future groundwater supplies for two of the nation's most utilized urban groundwater basins by certifying the Groundwater Basins Master Plan (GBMP).

  2. WateReuse Congratulates EPA On Release Of Potable Reuse Compendium

    The WateReuse Association congratulates the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on the release of the 2017 Potable Reuse Compendium, which outlines key science, technical, and policy considerations for treating wastewater to drinking water standards.

  3. New Tool Developed By Stanford Engineers Helps Parched Regions Plan How To Replenish Aquifers

    Stanford environmental engineers have developed a planning tool called AquaCharge that helps urban water utilities develop efficient, cost-effective systems to replenish aquifers. By Edmund L. Andrews

  4. Study: Toilet-To-Tap Is 'Inevitable' In Australia

    Toilet-to-tap may be coming to Australia whether locals like it or not. A new research study said the reuse of wastewater for drinking is "inevitable" in Australia.

  5. Dewatering System To Help Improve Mining Tailings Pond Management

    Through the use of a dewatering system, a new partnership between Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies and Genesis Water will help mining companies improve tailings management, recycle water and reduce reliance on tailings ponds -- providing a sustainable solution while meeting regulatory requirements.

  6. OneWater To Showcase Its Award Winning Algaewheel Wastewater Treatment Technology At WEFTEC 2015

    OneWater Inc., pioneer of the Algaewheel wastewater treatment process, is pleased to announce that it will exhibit at WEFTEC 2015, the world’s largest annual water quality conference and exhibition.

  7. 8 Ways Biosolids & Organics Can Contribute To A Healthier Environment

    On this Earth Day, let us reflect on the importance of recycling naturally occurring resources and explore innovative ideas for the conservation of a healthy, shared environment. Biosolids and organics and the careful management of these valuable resources warrant a closer look.

  8. Feds Push $3B Water Recycling Program In San Diego

    San Diego has approval from federal regulators to continue running its wastewater treatment plant, but it comes with a catch.

  9. ESD Capdi Water Treatment System To Be Deployed In Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

    Dr. Gene Shelp, President and CEO of ENPAR Technologies, Inc. is very pleased to announce the transfer of a commercial ESD unit to CHEMSBRO of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

  10. American Beverage Association Celebrates America Recycles Day

    America's leading non-alcoholic beverage companies are celebrating America Recycles Day with the latest gains in their mission to eliminate all waste going to landfills from their U.S. production facilities.