Water Reuse News

  1. Gravity Oilfield Services Inc. Signs Exclusive, Multi-Year Water Sourcing Agreement With Premier Operator In The Permian Basin

    Gravity Oilfield Services Inc. ("Gravity") today announced it has executed an exclusive, multi-year water sourcing agreement with a premier operator in the Permian Basin, in which Gravity will provide source water for the operator's production operations in the Permian Basin.

  2. WateReuse Association Testifies At Senate Hearing In Support Of Drought Legislation

    Marshall Brown, General Manager of Aurora Water, testified recently on behalf of the WateReuse Association before the Water and Power Subcommittee of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee in support of bipartisan legislation to improve the nation’s water supply and drought resiliency.

  3. Wastewater Treatment With Reverse Osmosis For Sustainability - AMPAC USA

    Earlier in June, a large aquifer was found just off the northeast shore of the U.S. near New York. It is said that the aquifer contains enough water to fill 1.1 billion Olympic swimming pools.

  4. 2017 IDA World Congress On Water Reuse And Desalination Comes To São Paulo, Brazil In October

    With the need for a sustainable supply of clean, fresh water among the top issues facing the world’s growing population and economies, the International Desalination Association (IDA) will, for the first time, bring its World Congress on Water Reuse and Desalination to Latin America.

  5. BioAlchemy: Treating Wastewater At The Point Of Production

    Treating wastewater is an arduous process relying on complex sewage systems and treatment plants. While this is easier in developed areas with the requisite infrastructure, providing such services in rural areas is challenging.

  6. Veolia Handed Out The Echenfelder Medal For An Innovative Remediation Project At Naval Base Point Loma In San Diego

    The American Academy of Environmental Engineers & Scientists held their Annual Awards Luncheon and Conference in late April at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.

  7. ING Report: Circular Solutions For Global Water Stress

    Global fresh water demand is expected to grow by 2% yearly in the next decades. Based on the assumption that water supply will remain relatively stable, demand growth is expected to lead to serious water stress.

  8. Heliospectra In Wastewater Treatment Project With Leading Swedish Organizations

    Heliospectra AB, a world leader in intelligent lighting technology for plant research and greenhouse cultivation, has been named a member of "The Warm and the Clean City," an advanced collaborative Swedish project in wastewater treatment and energy recovery using algae. 

  9. West Basin Announces Completion Of Recycled Water Pump Station Improvements Project

    The West Basin Municipal Water District (West Basin) recently announced its recycled water Pump Station Improvements Project, which will enhance local water supply and sustainability, is now complete.

  10. Energy Department Awards $18M To Develop Valuable Bioproducts And Biofuels From Algae

    The Energy Department recently announced six projects that will receive up to $18M in funding to reduce the modeled price of algae-based biofuels to less than $5 per gasoline gallon equivalent (gge) by 2019.