Wastewater Treatment Case Studies and White Papers

  1. Clari-DAF® System Provides Effective TOC Removal For Cambridge WTP

    To ensure treated water complied with the most stringent drinking water standards, including the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Stage 2 Disinfectants and Disinfection Byproducts Rule (State 2 DBPR), the City of Cambridge, MA, WTP decided to implement a robust multibarrier treatment solution.

  2. The Next Generation In Water Filtration For The Oil And Gas Industry

    There is a need in many segments of the oil and gas production industry for an improvement in water filtration over traditional methods. By Michael Dejak, P.Eng. 

  3. Three Approaches To Controlling Odor In Wastewater Treatment Ponds

    Due to their ability to circulate a precise horizontal cross-section of water, long-distance circulators can solve odor problems in equalization ponds, anaerobic ponds, and deep-water industrial ponds.  By Joel Bleth, president and CEO, Medora Corporation

  4. Belt Dryer Is A Game-Changer For The Sludge Handling Process

    A wastewater plant uses an activated sludge secondary process that utilizes a biological process that introduces microbes as soon as the flow enters the plant.

  5. Sabesp Improves The Anhangabaú Sewer Collection System Below Projected Cost

    Sabesp provides water to and collects sewage from over half of the cities in the state of São Paulo, Brazil, including São Paulo the state capital and the country’s largest city. The utility is currently in the process of upgrading the Anhangabaú sewer system, which consists of 122.88 kilometers of sewer conduit network, with 1,749 manholes and 14,832 household connections serving an estimated 400,000 inhabitants.

  6. Grading Pressure-Boosting Pump Efficiency — On A Curve

    Are your current pressure-boosting pumps the best design for your operating conditions? Are they maximizing value from your operating budget with peak efficiency? How can you know for sure, and what can you do if they are not? Here are some guidelines for evaluating performance efficiency in pressure-boosting applications and for choosing the best pump configurations for new or existing applications.

  7. Discfilter Fixes TSS Effluent And Capacity Issues

    The Oconomowoc, WI Wastewater Treatment Facility (WWTF) needed to repair or replace the existing shallow bed traveling bridge sand filters.

  8. Filamentous Bacteria Controlled: A Quick And Easy Solution

    The City of Kalispell used ingenuity, and just a few inexpensive parts, to solve a problem common to biological nutrient removal facilities. By Rebecca J. Bodnar, chemist and industrial pretreatment coordinator, Kalispell Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant

  9. Eliminating Sludge Islands In Your Wastewater Lagoon

    Old municipal and industrial wastewater lagoons have the tendency to build islands of sludge at various locations around the lagoon. It is most common for older lagoons to build such islands wherever wastewater enters the lagoons.

  10. Bypass Operation Allows Municipality To Fix Problems And Create Savings

    Hampden Township, located in idyllic southeastern Pennsylvania near Mechanicsburg, is home to more than 25,000 residents. The township is a desirable location for many because of good schools and strong community services. By The Gorman-Rupp Company