Wastewater Treatment Case Studies and White Papers

  1. Improving Sludge Dewatering Process Control
    With RTC-SD

    A WWTP sought solutions to improve process control, as high centrate solids caused plant inefficiencies such as high wasting rates, inefficient capacity and loading, and stress on centrifuges. Read the full case study to learn how the RTC-SD solution controlled polymer dosing in real time, allowing the WWTP to improve solids capture and increase throughput.

  2. 3M™ Liqui-Cel™ Membrane Contactors Provide An Easy, Flexible Solution For Managing Dissolved Oxygen In Hard Cider

    Controlling dissolved oxygen (DO) levels during beverage production is vital for ensuring consistent product quality and shelf life. This is particularly true for canning, where high DO levels can cause breakdown of the can lining, corrosion and even leaking – which in turn can result in product waste and customer dissatisfaction. In some cases, can supplier warranties have exclusions for high DO levels.

  3. NE Alabama Water District Case Study
    Northeast Alabama Water District (NEAW) services 15,200 connections within 2,052 square miles, resulting in a very large distribution area.
  4. International Bar Screens Handle Over 6 Billion Gallons Per Day In Detroit

    In 2004, Headworks Inc. was selected to supply 22 screens to the George W. Kuhn Retention Treatment Basin (“GWK RT Basin”) located in the Detroit Metropolitan Area of Michigan.

  5. Aeration System Helps WWTP In Mexico Meet Regulations
    The Municipality of Emiliano Zapata in the state of Morelos, Mexico, located 60 miles south of Mexico City, is on an area of great hydrological affluence.
  6. PolyBlend M-Series Liquid Polymer Wetting And Activation System

    The 1.5 MGD West Carrollton Wastewater Treatment Plant in West Carrollton, OH came on-line in 1989 and today serves 12,000 area residents. The activated sludge facility produces an average of 200 wet tons/month of sludge that, following belt filter press dewatering, is spread on area farmland by a biosolids management company.

  7. A Helpful Guide To The Benefits Of The Single Rolling Diaphragm

    Reducing water loss and saving money are two of the highest priorities—and most consistent challenges—facing water professionals. Both of these issues stem from water pressure control.

  8. CleanSea® System Treats All Black, Grey, Galley, And Laundry Wastewater Onboard The Largest Cruise Ship In The World

    The successful management of the world’s marine environment has unique challenges when compared to land based environments. The oceans encompass a huge area to manage, their political boundaries are blurry, and conditions in one small area can have serious impacts on much larger, far removed areas.

  9. Pre-Filtration Is Essential To Protect Your Membranes

    Any Reverse Osmosis System is only as good as the Pre-filtration System protecting it.  Pre-filtration is no place to scrimp when it comes to sizing, quality, efficiency and performance. 

  10. Replacement Vacuum Feeders For Hypo And Bisulfite Boost Disinfection Reliability For WWTP

    The replacement feeders also cut bisulfite consumption by 30 percent and ended the troublesome maintenance burden for instrumentation tech and plant operators.