Wastewater Treatment Case Studies and White Papers

  1. Platte River Power Authority Restores Cooling Reservoir, Reducing Maintenance Costs And Improving Wildlife Habitat

    Top-performing coal-fired power plant finds that SolarBee® solar-powered mixers combat blue-green algae in 500-acre reservoir without the need for chemicals or mechanical aeration.

  2. Rapid Custom Parts Delivery Gets Critical Pump Back Online

    The North Tahoe Public Utility District (NTPUD) serves residents and vacationers in the Lake Tahoe area. Vaughan Co. provided a 50 HP, 1750-RPM model PE4P6CS-118 vertical pedestal chopper pump for the Carnelian Bay Pump Station to replace an existing pedestal pump, which was having difficulty with ragging. Vaughan Company

  3. MS Series Bar Screens Replace Two-Stage Screening System

    In 2004, the Department for Regional Development announced plans to upgrade the Limavady Wastewater Treatment Works, which was part of a 28 million dollar capital works program in Northern Ireland.

  4. A Visual Guide To Troubleshooting Your Valves

    Water management professionals know all too well that problems arise — usually sometime after 2 a.m., or just as you’re walking out the door for a holiday weekend. No matter how well-prepared you are, or how sophisticated your system, sometimes you’re going to run into challenges. It’s simply the nature of the industry. When you experience an issue with your valves (especially when they’re failing to open or close as expected) your first instinct is to call the factory for support. While some cases may require factory assistance, this isn’t always the most efficient solution.

  5. POWERCHINA Zhongnan Standardizes 3D Collaborative Design Of Water Projects

    China’s 12th Five-Year Plan (FYP) (2011-2015) allotted 20 percent more funds for municipal wastewater treatment projects to address the pervasive pollution caused by rapid urbanization and inadequate sewage disposal.

  6. The Often Overlooked Benefits And Versatility Of GRO And GR Systems For Existing Plants

    Schreiber has designed and installed several dual GR plants in which one unit serves as the aeration/clarification unit and other unit serves as the digester/thickener/clarification unit. At the Mirasol, MO plant, the GR digester was sized to allow digestion/clarification in the initial phase, thus satisfying the clarifier duality required in many states, and will be converted to a digester/thickener in a future plant expansion.

  7. Article: Expanded Use Of Split Seal Technology For Large Pumps And Agitators
    New advances in split mechanical seals have expanded its application for use in both water and wastewater systems. These systems move vast amounts of fluid through pipes and tanks. Water-based fluid systems comprise the largest fluid transport systems in the world with wastewater streams being the largest. While the systems’ designs can vary by region, most use centrifugal pumps to move fluid. Many of the centrifugal pumps are very large and difficult to assemble, so they have not typically been sealed by mechanical seals which require total equipment disassembly. However, split mechanical seals have advanced so that these pumps can now be sealed without equipment disassembly.
  8. How To Utilize Nutrients To Your Advantage

    Using nitrogen and phosphorus to create algal biomass may be the energy solution for tomorrow.

  9. Water Supply Needs At Odds With Regional Demands To Lower Power Use

    The shoreline of the Red Sea is a dazzling destination for tourists and locals to experience the beach and enjoy marine activities. In Egypt, the shoreline sprawls from the Suez Canal in the north, down to the southern part of the country bordering Sudan.

  10. City Of Springfield, MO, Upgrades Disinfection System From Gas Chlorine To On‐Site Sodium Hypochlorite Generation

    In April 2013, City Utilities started up three Microclor Model MC‐1500 skid systems, each rated at 1,500 pounds per day of free available chlorine.