Wastewater Treatment Case Studies and White Papers

  1. Headworks® Steps Up To The Challenge Of Cavernous Screening

    The City of Greater Sudbury is located 390 kilometers (242 miles) north of Toronto and is the seventh largest municipality (by area) in Canada.

  2. Enhancing HVAC Performance: Siemens Clamp-On Flow Meters Chosen For NYC Building Complex

    A commercial real estate corporation that owns, develops and operates premier properties in major North American cities was one of the earliest companies to recognize the benefit of individually metering tenants for their utility usage. When designing a prestigious building complex in New York City, the company sought a flow meter that would facilitate this task. After careful consideration of several options, the choice became clear: clamp-on ultrasonic flow technology from Siemens.

  3. Antiscalant Impacts Water Reclamation Efforts

    Water reuse efforts in the West Coast are a priority and have the Ground Water Replenishing System (GWRS) of the Orange County Water District (OCWD) utilizing new technologies for water conservation. 

  4. Validation Of Online Monitors Using EPA 334.0 And EPA-Approved Or Accepted Laboratory Meter Reporting Methods
    There has long been verification testing between lab and online instrumentation for water quality measurements, especially for Drinking Water and Wastewater (DW//WW). By Jane L. Stevens, Product Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific
  5. In-line Aeration System Provides Required Level Of Dissolved Oxygen In Pressurized Effluent Line

    The treated effluent from all wastewater treatment plants across the country must meet local dissolved oxygen (DO) limits before discharging into receiving waters.

  6. Equipment Upgrade Cuts Maintenance Over 75%

    The Auger Monster, manufactured by JWC Environmental in Costa Mesa California, incorporates a spiral lifting screw with patented Muffin Monster® grinding technology. The system combines the benefits of a fine screen with the high-flow capability of a bar screen so it’s easier to remove unwanted solids from the wastewater channel. By JWC Environmental

  7. Air Filter Maintenance: Impact On Efficiency And Machinery Health

    In an ideal world, would we not want to eliminate air filters altogether? What keeps us from achieving this is foreign material, detrimental to air, which moves rotating equipment; meanwhile, the process that receives the air sometimes cannot tolerate it.

  8. Energy-Efficiency Showdown: A Comparison Of Aeration Technologies

    On paper and in practice, aeration options and their corresponding efficiencies are calculated and compared.

  9. Pesticides - Emerging Contaminants (Fact Sheet)

    The use of pesticides to control unwanted pests dates back hundreds of years.

  10. Water Plant Upgrades: 4 Reasons To Break The Re-Order Habit

    A large percentage of the flow meters purchased for municipal water plants are replacements for older meters in existing facilities or distribution systems. It’s a common practice to replace aging meters with the same technology, often from the same manufacturer.