Wastewater Treatment Case Studies and White Papers

  1. KLa Jet Aerators/Mixers For Large Diameter Equalization Tanks

    Many municipalities are facing the challenge of having to equalize large volumes of storm water sometimes mixed with raw sewage in order to continuously meet their permit limitations. The equalized flow is stored during a storm event and then slowly diverted to the treatment facility when influent flows return to normal levels.

  2. Shanghai Investigation Sets BIM Standard On Ningbo Yongxin’s Urban Flood Control Project

    In response to the devastation from a 2013 typhoon that caused the Yongxin and Yongjiang rivers in Ningbo, China to overflow, Ningbo Raw Water Group Ltd. commissioned the detailed design and construction of a CNY 178 million emergency sluice pump. The pump would provide flood control measures and mitigate future flood losses to improve urban infrastructure services within the Zhejiang province. To avoid the risk of additional flooding from another typhoon, the Raw Water Group required the urban flood control project to be delivered in a demanding eight-month schedule—a process that would ordinarily take 24 months to complete.

  3. Headworks' MS Series Bar Screen Is The Equipment Of Choice For The Puerto Rican Sewer Authority's Caguas Wastewater Treatment Plant

    Even though it is a small island, Puerto Rico has historically had big issues with sewage treatment. Due to its tropical location in the Caribbean, heavy storms can create unusually large peak flows at the treatment plants.

  4. The Role Of pH Measurement During Coagulation

    In the wastewater treatment industry, coagulation has become one of the most widespread processes for effectively separating contaminants and effluent. But coagulation is a complicated and sensitive process, one that alters the chemical balance of the wastewater in order to strip it of unwanted constituents. As in many such processes, pH plays a critical role, and treatment professionals must analyze it closely if they want to properly coagulate their product.

  5. Easier, Faster, And Safer Option For Measuring Total Nitrogen

    Total nitrogen (TN) has become a compound of concern because of its impact on eutrophication on water sources. And as more states begin to set limits for TN, accurate testing becomes paramount. Unfortunately, multiple labs and variable test procedures can lead to disparities in final results. Many of today’s test methods are also time consuming, expensive, and even unsafe for lab technicians to use.

  6. CA 71 With Ammonium And Nitrate Measurement

    Metro Waste Reclamation District is one of the largest wastewater treatment plants between the Mississippi River and the west coast. Treated water is discharged into the South Platte River, and contributes 90% of the river’s annual flow at the point of discharge.

  7. Anaerobic And Aerobic Treatment Solution For Paper Mill Wastewater

    Fluence provided the right solution for this paper mill to meet stringent permit discharge limits and produce renewable energy.

  8. JWC’s Honey Monster Helps Big Fish Environmental Find Clean Water

    For several years, local Michigan municipalities were overloaded with septage disposal issues and it was difficult for private pumpers to offload as land-application of septage became illegal. So John Campbell, founder of Big Fish Environmental and a 29-year veteran of septic tank pumping, started developing a unique and efficient septage receiving and treatment plant design. By JWC Environmental


  9. Article: Expanded Use Of Split Seal Technology For Large Pumps And Agitators
    New advances in split mechanical seals have expanded its application for use in both water and wastewater systems. These systems move vast amounts of fluid through pipes and tanks. Water-based fluid systems comprise the largest fluid transport systems in the world with wastewater streams being the largest. While the systems’ designs can vary by region, most use centrifugal pumps to move fluid. Many of the centrifugal pumps are very large and difficult to assemble, so they have not typically been sealed by mechanical seals which require total equipment disassembly. However, split mechanical seals have advanced so that these pumps can now be sealed without equipment disassembly.
  10. The Good And Bad Of Wastewater Instrumentation: Pros, Cons, And Opportunities

    Instrumentation is heavily pushed to achieve efficiency, but it only works when you use it correctly – and many utilities don’t.