Wastewater Treatment Case Studies and White Papers

  1. In-Situ Oxygenation System Enables Increase In Capacity For Municipal Wastewater Treatment Facility

    To increase capacity within the existing footprint of a wastewater treatment facility in Michigan, two existing tanks were converted to aeration tanks with pure-oxygen aeration provided by Praxair’s In-Situ Oxygenation (I-SOTM) System.

  2. Topeka WTP Installs Integrity A-758 PLUS™ Lime Slaker System To Replace Existing Lime Slaker

    The Topeka Water Treatment Plant (WTP) — a 60 million gallon per day facility - serves Topeka, Kansas and surrounding areas. Built in 1945, the plant underwent several renovations with the most recent upgrading the plant to its current capacity in 1993.

    In 2015, plant officials decided to replace the first of the existing slakers and, after considering offers from several slaker suppliers, chose the A-758 PLUS™ paste-type lime slaker manufactured by Integrity Municipal Systems, LLC (IMS). Read the full case study to learn more.

  3. Pilot Studies In North Carolina With Hydrex™ Odor Solutions

    Two municipalities were faced with odor issues and required corrosion prevention in their collection systems. Monitoring in the sewer lines indicated peak H2S atmospheric concentrations of 300-500 ppm. Both clients desired H2S < 20 mg/L to prevent corrosion and preferably lower to prevent H2S odor.

  4. 10K Muffin Monster Takes Over When Macerators Can’t Cut It

    The Cibolo Creek Municipal Authority (CCMA) provides regional wastewater services for the area northeast of San Antonio, Texas and serves the surrounding communities. After years of frustration in dealing with severe problems with plugging of the pump suction lines that led to frequent pump rebuilds, they turned to the 10K Muffin Monster. The 10K Muffin Monster now plays an integral role in this water reclamation plant’s system by grinding the primary sludge and debris that is pumped to the digesters.

  5. Bowling Green Municipal Utilities (BGMU) Uses One Of The Country’s Largest SBR Systems To Meet Current And Future Permit Limits And Environmental Goals

    Bowling Green Municipal Utilities (BGMU) provides commercial water and wastewater treatment and electrical power services to a population of more than 60,000 in the community of Bowling Green, KY. In 2010, the BGMU wastewater treatment plant was approaching the end of its useful life, just as the utility’s operating permit was up for renewal.

  6. Where To Find Money In Biogas

    On the surface, wastewater treatment operations don’t appear to be handling precious material. But these facilities are actually processing a great deal of value every day.

  7. Failing Lagoon System Gets New Life From MBR Retrofit
    The Leoni Township’s wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) serves thirteen communities across three counties including the Michigan Speedway complex.
  8. Disk Thickener Technology Replaces Gravity Thickener, Improves Performance Of Digester

    After two years operation the plant reports that RoS2S Disk Thickener is consistently producing a 5.5% DS average with an ~0.6% DS average feed at a steady flow of 107 gpm (60 gpm activated, 7 gpm trickling, 40 gpm service water) running 24 hours a day.

  9. What You Didn't Expect: Aerators Offer More Benefits Than Just Clean Water And Aesthetics
    A natural, environmentally safe and cost-efficient way to ensure that your pond maintains a healthy, aerobic state is through the use of aeration systems. By Robin Bio, Marketing Coordinator
  10. White Paper: Hoffman Revolution Blower Continues Tradition Of Innovative Design
    The Hoffman U.S. Machinery Division was established in 1905 outside of East Syracuse, New York. The initial product was an exhauster for the dry cleaning industry — pulling a steam vacuum across the garments.