Wastewater Mixing Products

  1. Flocculating Clarifier Systems

    Flocculating clarifier systems are used for water treatment, in both bridge and pier supported styles

  2. Stainless Steel Guides for the 32 and 36 Series Chemical Induction Feeder Mixers

    Optional stainless steel guides are available for the series 32 and 36 submersible chemical induction feeder mixers from the Mastrrr Company

  3. Chemical Vacuum Induction Flash Mixer

    The GAS MASTRRR eliminates the need for water supplies, booster pumps, ejectors, diffusers, and mechanical mixers. The submersible series 32 and 36,

  4. INTRUDRRR Series 35F Chemical Induction Feeder Mixers

    The INTRUDRRR series 35F flanged design allows gas and liquids chemicals to be vacuum inducted and flash mixed directly into low pressure large diameter pipelines

  5. Series 32 Chemical Induction Feeder Mixers

    The GAS MASTRRR series 32 submersible design allows the chemicals to be vacuum inducted and flash mixed directly

  6. Series 32F Chemical Induction Feeder Mixers

    The GAS MASTRRR series 32F flanged units are suited for small pipelines (4 in. to 18 in.) where low head loss and superior chemical mixing are

  7. Lifting Stanchions for Chemical Induction Feeder Mixers

    Stainless steel lifting stanchions (jib style) are available with flanged or socket base mounting

  8. Submersible and Flanged Vacuum Induction Chemical Flash Mixers

    The GAS MASTRRR series of submersible and flanged vacuum induction chemical flash mixers include the series 32F, 33, and 35F flanged inline units

  9. Lab Mixer

    A modular, microprocessor controlled and computer compatible lab mixer and scale-up system is described in this two-sided, color product description sheet.

  10. Gas Mixer

    Pegas 3000 uses gases from compressed cylinders to provide precision gas mixtures of oxygen...