Wastewater Mixing Products

  1. Disc Mixer

    The Discmixer has an open-ended design and uses Discpac technology to create a non-impingement, pulsation-free

  2. Gear-Driven Mixers

    Neptune Mixer Company offers a range of gear-driven portable mixers that provide dependable performance in a wide variety of mixing/blending applications from wastewater treatment to batch chemical preparation to mixing of paints, varnishes, polymers, etc.

  3. Liquid Polymer Mixer/Diluting System

    A new 6-page brochure (Bulletin PM-98) from Neptune Chemical Pump Company Inc., features Polymaster, which dilutes, mixes and thoroughly activates emulsion, dispersion and solution polymers, including new high molecular weight products.

  4. Self-Contained Jet Aerators And Jet Mixers

    An innovative solution for rivers, ponds, and tanks that can not be drained

  5. Bulk Container Mixers

    Neptune Mixer Company has introduced a new line of gear-driven Bulk Container Mixers, designed to allow easy yet thorough mixing of materials in semi-bulk shipping containers.

  6. Static Mixers

    The Kenics KM Series Static Mixers feature a patented helical mixing element which produces complete radial

  7. Fixed-Mount Mixer

    Featuring a combination of large mixer characteristics in a small mixer size, the 5JTD fixed-mount mixer is a double-reduction gear-driven mixer

  8. Flocculating Clarifier Systems

    Flocculating clarifier systems are used for water treatment, in both bridge and pier supported styles

  9. Stainless Steel Guides for the 32 and 36 Series Chemical Induction Feeder Mixers

    Optional stainless steel guides are available for the series 32 and 36 submersible chemical induction feeder mixers from the Mastrrr Company

  10. Chemical Vacuum Induction Flash Mixer

    The GAS MASTRRR eliminates the need for water supplies, booster pumps, ejectors, diffusers, and mechanical mixers. The submersible series 32 and 36,