Wastewater Mixing Products

  1. Water Treatment Chemical Flash Mixer
    One of four 42 inch diameter Komax Systems 316L stainless steel static mixers
  2. “Hi-Pass” Sludge Mixer

    The KOMAX “Hi-Pass” Sludge Mixer will reduce polymer consumption and costs

  3. Large Diameter Pipeline Mixer

    Komax static mixers for additive mixing in both pipe and in-channel installations

  4. Submersible Mixers

    Submersible mixers perform over a wide range of mixing applications, such as solids suspension, bottom erosion, blending, circulation or destratification...

  5. Pump-N-Mixer

    Mixing Only, Pumping Only or Mixing & Pumping Simultaneously

  6. Jet Mixers

    Jet Mixers by Mixing Systems, Inc. are superior to conventional rotating turbine type agitators for many reasons

  7. Disc Mixer

    The Discmixer has an open-ended design and uses Discpac technology to create a non-impingement, pulsation-free

  8. Gear-Driven Mixers

    Neptune Mixer Company offers a range of gear-driven portable mixers that provide dependable performance in a wide variety of mixing/blending applications from wastewater treatment to batch chemical preparation to mixing of paints, varnishes, polymers, etc.

  9. Liquid Polymer Mixer/Diluting System

    A new 6-page brochure (Bulletin PM-98) from Neptune Chemical Pump Company Inc., features Polymaster, which dilutes, mixes and thoroughly activates emulsion, dispersion and solution polymers, including new high molecular weight products.

  10. Self-Contained Jet Aerators And Jet Mixers

    An innovative solution for rivers, ponds, and tanks that can not be drained