Wastewater Case Studies and Whitepapers

  1. Flow Meter Ensures A Smooth Running Recovery Process At Bakery Production Plant

    Employing roughly 5,000 workers in 12 countries, Vandemoortele bakery and production plant owes its success to high standards of quality, innovative production technologies, and a flair for finding economic alternatives. The latest example is the SITRANS FC430 Coriolis flow meter.

  2. Monster Compactor Cleans-Up At Seattle Treatment Plant

    In 2004 a team of researchers from King County’s Wastewater Treatment Division took on the task of cleaning up problems with the discharged screenings at their two treatment plants. The screenings were filled with excessive water, fecal and other organic matter. By JWC Environmental

  3. AquaSBR System Installed To Increase Capacity In A Small Footprint

    The West Central Conservancy District (WCCD), located in Hendricks County, IN, was formed to resolve sewer issues that the service area was experiencing with the local utilities company in the mid- ’80s.

  4. 3 Dirty Little Secrets About Coriolis Flowmeters

    Ever since Coriolis flow measurement technology achieved mainstream appeal, industry has been fervently striving to take advantage of its benefits. And while Coriolis is clearly a highly advantageous solution for many crucial flow measurement applications, it is not without flaw.

  5. City Of Windsor, Ontario, Improves Water Quality In Great Lakes With PolyBlend® Polymer Preparation System

    The City of Windsor in Ontario, Canada, owns and operates two wastewater treatment plants.

  6. A Guide To Wastewater Pump Materials: Selecting The Right Materials To Extend System Life And Raise Performance

    Wastewater can be both corrosive and abrasive. To ensure reliable and cost-effective pump operation, it is important to select a wastewater pump made from the most suitable material for your wastewater.

  7. Integrated Automation Solution Eases Water And Wastewater Operations

    The water and wastewater industries face challenges at every turn — from population growth to strict environmental and financial regulations to downsizing. The complex nature of both industries puts a great deal of pressure on plant operators, who typically tackle tasks manually. Download this datasheet to learn how integrated automation software delivers improved reliability and flexibility throughout the entire operation. 

  8. Precision Agriculture Requires Precision Measurement

    Devices ensure precision fertilizer application while reducing air and water quality issues.

  9. Decades-Old Storm Water Problem = Solved

    Located 16 miles southeast of Houston, Pasadena, TX, is the second-largest city in Harris County and home to 150,000 residents. Its proximity to the Gulf of Mexico means the city receives nearly 55 inches of rain each year, 17 inches above the state median. Combined with Pasadena’s relatively flat topography and poor drainage systems, heavy rainfall can cause flooding and block major highways.

  10. Overdosing, Underdosing, And How To Get Precise With Wastewater Treatment Chemicals

    Despite their best intentions, wastewater operations all over the country have suffered from accidently under- or over-administering treatment chemicals when trying to get effluent into shape. With the proper tools, however, these mistakes can become a thing of the past.