Pumps & Valves White Papers & Case Studies

  1. Flygt Pumps Handle Too Much Of A Good Thing

    In Iowa, where agriculture is a critical component of the state’s economy, rain is good for crops, but too much rain is not good for anyone. In 2008 the Des Moines Metropolitan Wastewater Reclamation Authority (WRA) retained consulting engineer HDR to provide planning, permitting, design, construction, and start-up services for a high-rate CSO treatment facility called the Combined Sewer Solids Separation Facility or CSSSF.

  2. Flygt Helps Town Go From Rags To Riches

    The hassles of pump ragging lead a South Carolina Public Service District to change out problematic pumps for Flygt N3171 submersibles.

  3. Major Lock Expansion In Belgium

    Located on the Belgium-Netherlands’ border, the Lanaye Locks link the Albert and Juliana Canals, the latter of which is a side canal of the River Meuse. The three locks are a vital route between Northern and Southern Europe and have operated alongside each other since 1964 but, as two of these are too narrow to accommodate even smaller convoy, the larger lock had over time become a serious bottle neck for canal traffic.

  4. AMERICAN Flow Control Answers The Call

    In late March 2016, an estimated 60-foot wide by 35-foot deep sinkhole developed in Tarpon Springs, Florida, leading to the evacuation of several homes. The sinkhole engulfed part of a nearby road and damaged two sewer lines and a water line.

  5. Submersible Pumps Help With Flood Control

    Sims Bayou begins near Missouri City, TX, and meanders northeast until it reaches Buffalo Bayou.

  6. Sonoma County Improves Sludge Handling With Screw Press Pump Technology

    When California’s Sonoma County Water Agency (SCWA) wanted to improve its sludge solids dewatering as part of a major sludge handling upgrade, they were seeking an alternative to outdated sludge belt press/conveyor technology.

  7. Submersible Mixer Solves An Icy Problem In Northern Quebec

    During the cold winter, the Quebec region enters a deep freeze, with temperatures often reaching -25 degrees Celsius.

  8. Outfitting The World’s Largest And Greenest Wastewater Treatment Plant

    The sprawling Blue Plains Wastewater Treatment Facility is the largest advanced wastewater treatment plant in the world, with a capacity to treat an average of 370 million gallons of sewage a day.

  9. Dry Pit Submersibles Lower Costs And Eliminate Unscheduled Maintenance

    A utilities department was experiencing frequent unscheduled maintenance visits and corresponding unbudgeted repair bills for the pumps at the township’s main pump station.

  10. Variable Speed Wastewater Pumping

    Wastewater pumps have traditionally been operated in an on-off mode for small as well as large wastewater pump stations. Because the inflow of wastewater is varying over time and is often only a fraction of a pump’s required capacity engineers have looked for ways to operate wastewater pumps at a reduced capacity in order to optimize performance while reducing operating costs.