Nutrient Removal News

  1. EPA Awards Nearly $4.4M To Restore Lake Champlain And Protect Against Harmful Algal Blooms

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has awarded $4,395,000 in Lake Champlain restoration funding to help address outbreaks of harmful algal blooms and the spread of invasive species in Lake Champlain.

  2. EPA And Environmentalists Disagree Over Algae Threat In Lake Erie

    Environmental advocates and the U.S. EPA are at odds over whether or not toxic algae in Lake Erie is a serious concern.

  3. Cleaning Up Aquatic Pollution With Mussels

    Scientists and activists alike have been looking for a solution to the problem of aquatic nutrient pollution. Now one group reports in Environmental Science & Technology that ribbed mussels are up to the clean-up challenge.

  4. Water Environment Research Open Access Article Explores Phosphorus Removal Methods

    The open access article in the November 2017 issue of Water Environment Research (WER) compares various approaches to enhanced biological phosphorus removal.

  5. Report: Nitrate Contamination Afflicts 15 Million Americans

    Nitrates are polluting the drinking water of more than 15 million people in 49 states and pose a particular threat in rural areas, according to a new report highlighting the scope of this kind of contamination.

  6. Top 10 Contenders Named In $10M George Barley Water Prize

    The top 10 contenders in the George Barley Water Prize, a $10M worldwide competition to find a solution to the algae crisis, were named today during a ceremony at Chicago’s Field Museum. The top 10 teams, from the United States, Canada and The Netherlands, emerged from an initial field of 104 competitors from 13 countries.

  7. Utah Treatment Plant Tackles Algae Blooms Using SCHOTT Glass

    A project by SCHOTT partner CLEARAS Water Recovery will serve as the centerpiece for the 2017 Algae Biomass Summit. The project, a 4-million-gallon-per-day wastewater nutrient recovery solution using SCHOTT glass tubing, marks the first large-scale commercialization of photobioreactor technology for nutrient recovery. The South Davis Sewer District will use Clearas’ solution to reduce nutrients that contribute to algae blooms in waterways.

  8. Despite Low Toxicity, Toledo Residents Concerned Over Algal Bloom

    It has now been over two years since the city of Toledo, OH, had to ban water for 400,000 people due to contamination from toxic algae. But concerns still persist.

  9. Aqualia, Chosen To Manage The New Burgos Treatment Plant

    Aqualia has been awarded the contract to operate the Burgos WWTP. The specifications required the delivery of a very advanced and innovative technical offer, in line with a sustainable and coherent economic proposal, and this was precisely Aqualia's great asset.

  10. Fluence Corporation Limited Wins First SUBRE Contract

    Fluence Corporation Limited (“Fluence” or the “Company”), a global leader in water and wastewater treatment solutions, recently announced that it has been awarded its first SUBRE contract to upgrade a centralized wastewater treatment plant.