Nutrient Removal News

  1. Brand New Methodology Recovers A Large Part Of The Available Phosphorus From WWTP

    Researchers ​have developed ​a methodology ​that allows to ​recover around ​30-40% of the ​phosphorus from ​the Wastewater ​Treatment Plant ​(WWTP), thanks ​to a new ​configuration ​of the sludge ​line that ​allows to ​extract and ​separate ​phosphorus ​prior to ​anaerobic ​digestion.

  2. Evoqua’s CoMag System Selected By Welsh Water For Phosphorus Removal At Lletty Brongu And Ruthin

    Evoqua Water Technologies, an industry leader in mission-critical water treatment solutions, has been selected by Welsh Water and its design and construction partner, Mott Macdonald Bentley, to supply its CoMag ballasted clarification system to reduce phosphorus in Welsh Water’s effluent at both the Lletty Brongu WWTW in South Wales and Ruthin WWTW in North Wales.

  3. OneWater lnc. Announces First Algaewheel System In lowa

    OneWater lnc, pioneer of the low-energy Algaewheel wastewater treatment process, recently announced the award of their first project in the State of lowa.

  4. Brookside Agra Develops All-Natural RemediPro To Safely Degrade Sludge Build-Up In Water Retention/Collection Areas

    Brookside Agra has developed a high-performance, non-chemical and all-natural product called RemediPro to safely degrade sludge build-up and improve water clarity in closed and slow-flow water systems such as ponds and lagoons.

  5. University Challenge For Lakeside At Ole Miss

    ‘Significant operational challenges’………something of a major understatement when bringing about wastewater treatment enhancements at a preeminent public international research university, that 170 years on from its establishment, continues to expand.

  6. Technology Shown To Turn Municipal Wastewater Algae Into Specialty Chemicals For Biofuels, Bioplastics

    A startup is advancing a unique way to transform algae used to purify municipal wastewater into specialty bio-based chemicals such as biofuels or bioplastics that could help reduce the risk of toxic algae blooms that often kill fish and surrounding wildlife.

  7. Coral Study Traces Excess Nitrogen To Maui Wastewater Treatment Facility

    A new method for reconstructing changes in nitrogen sources over time has enabled scientists to connect excess nutrients in the coastal waters of West Maui, Hawaii, to a sewage treatment facility that injects treated wastewater into the ground.

  8. Fluence Unveils SUBRE With Announcement Of Sales

    Fluence Corporation Limited is pleased to announce the commercial launch of its SUBRE submerged membrane aerated biofilm reactor (MABR) solution, available in two configurations: as a retrofit upgrade, and as a new greenfield plant.

  9. Hydro International Up-Flo® Filter TAPE Certified For GULD

    Performance monitoring of Hydro International Up-Flo® Filter has been reviewed and certified by the Washington State Technology Assessment Protocol - Ecology (TAPE) for General Use Level Designation (GULD) to remove Total Suspended Solids and phosphorus from stormwater.

  10. The Water Research Foundation Signs Memorandum Of Understanding With EPA To Advance Nutrient Management Efforts

    Building on The Water Research Foundation’s (WRF) decades-long research on nutrients in America’s waters, WRF and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to increase understanding of how smart partnerships and market-based approaches can be used to reduce excess nutrients in the nation’s waterways.