1. 7 Reasons Vaults Are A Bad Choice For Backflow Cover Installation

    Across the United States, it is common to find a backflow preventer, whether for a fire or domestic line, in a below-ground vault. However, there are a myriad of reasons to join a growing  consensus of people that have pulled the plug and drained the pit. Living with this perpetual hazard to life, limb, and water safety just doesn’t make sense.

  2. Surprising Facts From The 'Value Of Water' Poll

    You may have seen the recent poll results announced by the Value of Water Coalition indicating near universal agreement (95 percent) on the need for reliable water systems, along with the somewhat surprising fact that a majority (60 percent) would agree to higher water bills to support them. The real surprise, however, is who is willing to pay the most.

  3. 5 Storage Tank Innovations Worth A Look

    For all those who see the untapped potential in this noble receptacle, know that bells and whistles aren’t just reserved for flashy technology, and want to make the most out of these key plant players, below is a list of the most interesting things happening in the world of storage tanks.

  4. Smart Networks Are The Answer. What’s The Question?

    Water utilities around the globe face the same challenges: increasing population, urbanization, and more frequent extreme weather events. New supply to meet increasing demand is very expensive. Changing customer behavior to reduce demand is very difficult. The question is how to get more from existing infrastructure.

  5. Pipeline Replacement Reality Check

    How much pipeline repair will competing priorities, resource limitations, and public tolerance allow? Try 1 percent annually — if you're as good as DC Water. CEO and General Manager George Hawkins shares advice that has helped his utility double the national average for pipeline replacement.

  6. The 3 Trillion-Gallon Leak — Where’s Our Water?

    The tipping point is here, and utilities are learning the best ways to prevent water loss and protect revenue.

  7. Project Engineer vs. Maintenance — A Valve And Pump Enclosure Tug-Of-War

    Spec a pump enclosure once, live with it for years.

  8. Leading The (Re)Charge: How The SFPUC Is Protecting San Francisco Bay Area Groundwater

    The Hetch Hetchy Regional Water System is vulnerable to both drought and earthquakes, but innovative resiliency efforts by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) will keep the water flowing.

  9. Accounting For Drought: Better Water Through Validated Audits

    In an effort to uphold the AWWA’s mission of facilitating safe and reliable drinking water, the California-Nevada section announced a “validated system water audit” program as part of its Water Loss Control Collaborative.

  10. Forecasting The Top 5 Water Trends In 2016

    As the dawn of 2016 emerges and we look forward to the year ahead, it’s instructive to engage in a little prognostication.