Asset Management News

  1. San Diego’s Water Planning To Be Enhanced By Expert Services From DNV GL

    The City of San Diego has awarded a multi-million, five-year consulting contract to DNV GL, which provides the Synergi Water hydraulic modeling software solution for improvement of water quality and reduction of leaks.

  2. NACE International To Launch Corrosion Research Consortia To Reduce Global Corrosion Threat

    NACE International recently announced that it has formed the NACE Corrosion Consortia, a new service facilitating corrosion mitigation research for companies, government bodies, research organizations, universities, and other associations seeking to solve corrosion issues.

  3. Aquam Corporation Launches Amplus: An Advanced Remote Operated Vehicle For Pressurized Water, Wastewater, And Industrial Pipelines

    Aquam Corporation ("Aquam"), a global provider of risk mitigation technologies for water and energy transmission and distribution assets, has announced the launch of Amplus, the most advanced remote operated vehicle (ROV) for use in pressurized water, wastewater, and industrial pipe applications.

  4. Artificial Intelligence Comes To Pipeline Leak Detection And Finds A Home In Houston

    Shoshi Kaganovsky, an Israeli data scientist and entrepreneur who has been named one of the 20 most influential women in Israel, has moved the headquarters of SensoLeak, her disruptive new approach to pipeline leak prevention and detection, to Houston.

  5. Black & Veatch: Data Analytics, Resilience And Sustainability Drive Water Discussion

    Collecting data from our water systems is one thing. Acting on that information is game-changing, and a Black & Veatch survey shows that the water space is taking note.

  6. Fracta Inc. Receives Strategic Investment From Kurita Water Industries, Ltd.

    Fracta Inc., a technology innovator Bringing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Infrastructure, has announced a strategic investment from Kurita Water Industries, Ltd. The investment allows Fracta and Kurita to extend their leadership in the United States water industry, particularly to municipal and investor-owned water utilities.

  7. SUEZ Pursues Its Development In Taiwan: New Hazardous Waste Treatment Contract In Kaohsiung

    SUEZ NWS and Cleanaway1 won the Dafa hazardous waste treatment facility contract in Kaohsiung, located in south-western Taiwan. The contract provides for the acquisition of the plant by the two partners for €36M and its operation by Cleanaway SUEZ2, a new joint venture (JV) set up between SUEZ NWS (29%), Cleanaway (29%) and the Taiwan Government Agency RSEA3 (42%).

  8. In Minnesota, $1.5B Influx Could Help Wastewater

    Wastewater utilities may benefits from a bonding bill under consideration this year in Minnesota, where lawmakers may pump as much as $1.5 billion into infrastructure and other projects.

  9. Robotics Will Disrupt Wastewater Treatment Plants

    In a RoBi-X partnership, Aarhus Vand and Blue Ocean Robotics haveidentified a number of potential ways to use robot technology at wastewater treatment plants. The aim is to investigate how the work environment, productivity, and resource utilization can be improved in the wastewater industry – not only in Denmark but also globally.

  10. America’s Water Infrastructure Is Failing — But Here’s How We Could Start To Fix It

    America’s water is under threat from many sides. It faces pollution problems, outdated infrastructure, rising costs, and unprecedented droughts and rainfall patterns as the climate changes.