Asset Management News

  1. Flint Under Mounting Pressure To Choose New Water Source

    The question of what Flint, MI, will choose as its long-term water source remains up in the air years after the city’s lead-contamination crisis began.

  2. California Delta Tunnels Project Hits Snags

    The controversial water infrastructure proposal from California Governor Jerry Brown, billed as a solution to the state’s significant water challenges, has hit some snags in recent weeks.

  3. As Infrastructure Woes Persist, Pittsburgh Turns To Chemicals For Lead Reduction

    As one of many cities dealing with lead contamination of drinking water, Pittsburgh is exploring the potential that chemical treatment has to solve the problem.

  4. As NY Awards $225M, Lake George Receives Wastewater Infrastructure Salvation

    In an all too rare instance of a wastewater utility receiving the funding it needs to address infrastructure issues and keep technology up-to-date, Lake George, NY, has been granted a whopping investment from state regulators.

  5. For-Profit Water Companies Buying Up Troubled Utilities

    Financial difficulties at public water utilities create an opportunity for for-profit water companies, according to Bloomberg BNA.

  6. As Discharged Sewage Contaminates Niagara Falls, Outdated Infrastructure Is To Blame

    Niagara Falls may be best known for its majestic, natural beauty, but this precious resource is having a hard time lately as the area’s wastewater treatment swims upstream against fundamental infrastructure issues.

  7. Camden Wastewater Utility Enters Swap With Power Plant

    In the migration of wastewater treatment plants to resource recovery facilities, Camden County in New Jersey has recently taken a leading role.

  8. SABIC To Feature Innovative Resins And Development Services At Aquatech To Solve Customers’ Water Management Challenges

    SABIC, a global leader in the chemical industry, will showcase at Aquatech Amsterdam its industry-leading water management resources, technical support services and materials that are helping customers address global industry trends in revitalizing infrastructures and raising operational efficiency (stand #1.430).

  9. Island Housing Sex Offenders Has Water Quality Issues

    Access to clean water may be a human right, but difficulty around water quality for one controversial population has sparked debate.

  10. Report: Northeast Ohio Discharging Pollutants, Violating CWA

    A new sweeping report from one of Cleveland’s leading news outlets has found that hundreds of wastewater treatment plants in Northeast Ohio have been discharging pollutants in violation of the Clean Water Act (CWA) over the past five years.