Asset Management News

  1. Island Housing Sex Offenders Has Water Quality Issues

    Access to clean water may be a human right, but difficulty around water quality for one controversial population has sparked debate.

  2. Report: Northeast Ohio Discharging Pollutants, Violating CWA

    A new sweeping report from one of Cleveland’s leading news outlets has found that hundreds of wastewater treatment plants in Northeast Ohio have been discharging pollutants in violation of the Clean Water Act (CWA) over the past five years.

  3. The Not Too Distant Future: How OSIsoft Is Helping Water Utilities With Near-Term Analytics To Save Energy, Time And Water

    It is difficult to predict what will occur a year from now. It can even be harder to predict what will happen tomorrow.

  4. As Pittsburgh Combats Water Issues, It Invites Federal Scrutiny

    In the latest development in a water quality situation that is rapidly becoming beleaguered, a Pittsburgh utility has come under federal scrutiny.

  5. Recovering From Crisis, Flint Requests Contract Extension For Source Water

    When Flint, MI, called for a state of emergency in 2015 over the presence of lead in its drinking water, the city became embroiled in a years-long recovery process that is still underway.

  6. Houston Breaks Ground On World’s Largest Water Treatment Plant

    Well before Hurricane Harvey brought torrential winds and stormwater into Houston, the city had a reputation for ambitious construction and sprawling development.

  7. DC Water Chief, A Leading Voice In The Industry, Is Resigning

    An influential leader in the water utility space is stepping down.

  8. The Hydraulic Institute Launches Its First Personnel Certification Program For Pump Systems Assessment Professionals (PSAP)

    Pumping systems account for over 40% of industrial energy usage, revealing a vast industry need for more reliable and more energy efficient systems.

  9. El Paso Obtains $152 Million For Water And Wastewater Improvements

    Water and wastewater utilities around the country face seemingly insurmountable infrastructure problems, from dilapidated pipelines to out-of-date facilities.

  10. Internet Of Water Could Revolutionize Water Management

    The United States is awash in water data—the power of which has yet to be unleashed.