Asset Management News

  1. Now Public, Utility Still Faces Infrastructure Challenges

    The water system in Missoula, MT, had been private for over a century. In June, the city regained ownership of the system and over six months later, it’s interesting to see where the transition stands.

  2. H2O Innovation Wins An Operation And Maintenance Contract In Western Canada Worth $4.5 M

    H2O Innovation Inc. (“H2O Innovation” or the “Corporation”) is proud to announce that it has recently won an operation and maintenance (“O&M”) contract in the province of Alberta (Canada) totalling $4.5 M over a 5-year period. This contract brings the Corporation’s O&M business backlog to $64.2 M, excluding the projects sales backlog.

  3. San Diego’s Post-Drought Water Woes: Lead, Sewage, Non-Revenue Water

    Despite the fact that California’s drought is over, San Diego’s water worries have not evaporated.

  4. Wastewater Mixers: China Embraces Danish Commitment To Quality

    Vandcenter Syd (VCS), a member of the Leading Utilities of the World network, is close to seeing a set of Landia mixers complete 30 years of service.

  5. Wyoming, Nebraska Mull Drinking Water Pipeline Project

    To circumvent some pervasive water quality issues, two Midwestern states may team up on an ambitious infrastructure project.

  6. North Carolina Town Mulls Pros And Cons Of Outsourcing Wastewater Services

    A recent debate over the need for improved wastewater treatment in Mount Holly, NC, demonstrates the positives and negatives of having a big city handle its neighbor’s treatment needs.

  7. Plans Progress To Upgrade Virginia Wastewater Treatment Plant

    Irish Water, working in partnership with Cavan County Council, is progressing with the design of an upgrade to the Virginia Wastewater Treatment Plant which will support residential and economic development in the town. This project is included in Irish Water’s capital investment plan and will be delivered during the lifetime of the current plan (2017-2021).

  8. SUEZ Announces Upgrades And Enhancements To Its InSight Asset Performance Management System

    Seeking to bring the next generation of its advanced digital solutions to water treatment professionals around the globe, SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions recently announced upgrades to its InSight asset performance management (APM) system.

  9. After Long Wait, Waukesha Gets Lake Michigan Water Deal

    The city of Waukesha, WI, has been working for decades to gain access to Lake Michigan drinking water and this month it finally landed a deal to accomplish that.

  10. Aquabotix Secures New Global Distributors For Underwater Vehicles And Camera Systems

    UUV Aquabotix Ltd (“Aquabotix" or the “Company”) recently announced the addition of five new distributors to its global network.