Asset Management News

  1. Brown and Caldwell Strengthens Smart Utility Offering With BC Blue

    Brown and Caldwell, a leading environmental engineering and construction firm, recently announced the launch of BC Blue, a smart utility approach to efficiently manage and operate water, wastewater, and stormwater utilities.

  2. Pisara Joins The Smart Water Networks Forum To Leverage Global Smart Water Innovations

    In an effort to increase their smart water network visibility and connect with global smart water leaders, the smart water operator Pisara, Jyväskylä Energy Group (Central Finland’s largest water utility), has announced its plans to join the Smart Water Networks Forum (SWAN), the leading global hub for the smart water and wastewater sectors.

  3. WinCan VX Receives PACP 7.0 And LACP 7.0 Certification

    WinCan, a market leader in sewer asset management software and inspection data storage, was awarded PACP 7.0 and LACP 7.0 certification.

  4. Siemens And Bentley Systems Announce PlantSight Digital Twin Cloud Services

    Siemens and Bentley Systems announced recently the introduction of PlantSight, resulting from development together based on their highly complementary software portfolios.

  5. Excellence In Operation And Design In Water Infrastructure Honored

    The Water Environment Federation (WEF) proudly announces the 2018 WEF Awards recipients for operational and design excellence. These awards recognize individuals and organizations that have made outstanding contributions to the water environment profession.

  6. Remote Sensing Company Opens Its Doors To San Diego

    Utilis Corp has cut the ribbon, officially opening their new United States based subsidiary, Utilis Inc, in San Diego. 

  7. iTracking: The Advent Of 'Smart' Wastewater Infrastructure Management

    The 700,000 miles of pipe and 20 million manholes that comprise America’s wastewater infrastructure network are aging and crumbling. Many of these systems were installed in the first half of the previous century.

  8. Polymer Vanes Last 3 Times As Long In Vacuum Rotary Pump

    Vanes made of the bearing polymer Hitemp 150 have lasted three times as long as traditional vanes in servicing company Septic Tanks (Pty) Ltd’s vacuum rotary pump, a Broom B35.

  9. XPV Water Partners Invests In Mobiltex Data Ltd

    XPV Water Partners, a growth equity investor focused on making investments in companies related to the treatment and management of the world’s water resources, announced recently that is has made a significant investment in Mobiltex Data Ltd, an internationally recognized leader in providing IoT products and services to monitor corrosion protection in pipelines and other critical distribution and storage infrastructure assets.

  10. Update To Columbus Water Master Plan Aims To Address Future Growth, Water Demand And Efficiency

    Arcadis and the City of Columbus are teaming to update the city’s Comprehensive Water Master Plan. Once complete, the plan will provide a roadmap for addressing new infrastructure, redundancy measures and needed enhancements to the city’s water distribution system, while accounting for projected population growth and economic development.