AMR, AMI and Metering VIDEOS

  1. STAR® ZoneScan Leak Detection System Video

    Find leaks fast with the Aclara® STAR® ZoneScan leak detection system. The industry's only remotely correlated acoustic leak-detection system cost effectively identifies small leaks before they become major problems.

  2. Mueller Systems: Clayton, GA Makes The Smart Move® With AMR Video

    Non-revenue water (NRW) costs public water systems as much as $2.8 billion in losses every year. The City of Clayton, GA, turned to Hot Rod™, Mueller Systems' automated meter reading (AMR) system to help reduce non-revenue water, improve customer service and reduce the amount of time required to collect monthly meter readings.

  3. Mueller Systems 420 Remote Connect/Disconnect Meter (RDM) Video

    See how 420 Remote Connect/Disconnect Meter (RDM) from Mueller Systems can optimize AMI and AMR systems to help utilities improve the operational efficiency of their water systems.

  4. Video: Mayor Bloomberg Announces Installation Of Automated Water Meter Readers
    Mayor Bloomberg, Department of Environmental Protection Acting Commissioner Lawitts and Department of Information Technology and Telecommunication Commissioner Cosgrave announced today that citywide installation of automated water meter reading technology has begun.