AMI, AMR, and Metering Features

  1. Easton Suburban Water Authority Saves $85,000 A Year With Sensus Software As A Service

    Easton Suburban Water Authority (ESWA) is in the business of providing water to its customers, not managing technology. One summer, Technology Manager Tim Ryan had enough with focusing valuable time and resources on the utility’s Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) IT network and servers.

  2. Evaluating Total Cost Of Ownership Models When Choosing Advanced Metering And Communications Networks

    This white paper describes how utilities can apply TCO evaluation, which takes into account on-going operations costs, replacement and lifecycle costs and personnel, as well as initial capital investment, to get a more complete picture of what systems will actually cost over time. These TCO calculations prove that point-to-multipoint fixed-network solutions can provide the best TCO of any competitive system, including manual, drive-by or mesh fixed-network solutions.

  3. Endpoint Of Interest: What Is 'Under The Glass' AMI?

    These days, advanced meter infrastructure has become the standard for communication between utilities and customers. As seamless as these systems make metering, they present some unique challenges as well. There are often issues with cohesion between manufacturers, environmental hazards, and a litany of technical headaches.

  4. A Closer Look At Water Main Break Prediction

    To residents, municipalities, and water utility professionals, no calamity is quite like a water main break.

  5. The Sound Of Progress: How Acoustics Are Advancing Meter Technology

    There is one device that truly encompasses the relationship between drinking water utilities and the consumers who benefit from their services. The water meter represents both the practical aspect of the dynamic (that is, the calculation of how much drinking water reaches a ratepayer and, therefore, what rate they pay), as well as the shared connection that each household has with its provider.

  6. Cash-Strapped Cities Look To Smart Water

    It’s no secret that municipalities across the country are facing budget constraints.

  7. Smart Antenna Technology Enhances AMI Network Reliability

    Advancements targeting the challenges related to a flooded meter pit environ­ment have occurred slowly over the years, with limited success.

  8. Water Utilities Slow To Embrace Smart Meter Technologies
    Water utilities appear to be under water when it comes to conservation efforts and adopting new technologies to help customers monitor water usage. Although water is viewed as a precious resource around the globe, little is being done to save water in North America.
  9. Where Utilities And AMI Can Live In Perfect Harmony

     While advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) may seem like the wave of the future, there are some things about the revolution that can be intimidating. Many utilities might like more metering information and digital management, but have serious questions about how such a system will fit into current processes and affect the bottom line.

  10. State Of The States: Emerging Water Loss Regulations In The U.S.

    Where does your state stand – both statistically and strategically – with regard to water loss?