Case Study

Thanks To Digital Upgrade, Castle Rock's Asset Management Becomes Model For State

Source: AMERICAN - American Cast Iron Pipe Company

With a population of 55,000, the town of Castle Rock, Colorado, was named to “Money” magazine’s list of 100 Best Places to Live in America. It’s also a town on the cutting edge of managing its water, wastewater and storm water system assets with the help of the Hydrant and Valve Inspector from AMERICAN Flow Control (AFC) and Trimble Navigation.

Castle Rock’s asset management system has been in place for several years, but the recent implementation of the Hydrant and Valve Inspector software system allowed it to go digital, saving time and money, and eliminating human error. The Inspector system maintains a tracking history on fire hydrants and valves, and accesses data on more than 15 data points, including the year the asset was manufactured, model number, nozzle and thread configurations, depth of cover, size of main valve opening, opening data and more. AMERICAN was the first valve and hydrant manufacturer to offer this software system, which uploads and stores each asset in the utility’s existing Geographic Information System (GIS) database.

AMERICAN - American Cast Iron Pipe Company