• Aire-O2’s Cold Weather Legacy In Dawson, Minnesota

    Process control is key to maximizing wastewater treatment efficiency while minimizing operating costs. Implementing the right process control system in conjunction with the right equipment can save money on electrical costs and equipment maintenance.

  • Aire-O2’s Cold Weather Legacy

    Bose Cascade’s Ft. Frances, Ontario kraft mill operation faced a wastewater treatment problem due to dead spots in nearly half of its aerated stabilization basin. The mill site is located in Northern Ontario, Canada, halfway between the nation’s east and west coasts.

  • Register Today For The Newterra Dispersed Air Flotation (DAF) Webinar

    Microfloat Dispersed Air Flotation (DAF) System is an effective, affordable, and reliable physical/chemical pre-treatment technology for removing up to 90% free-floating FOG, 60% TSS, and 30% BOD*– all at a much lower cost than traditional DAF systems.

  • Real-Time Digital Analytics Identifies More Than 180 Million Gallons Of Annual CSO Reduction

    The City of Richmond turns to Xylem Wastewater Network Optimization to identify critical CSO-reducing projects, putting them on a path to regulatory compliance while avoiding costly and unnecessary infrastructure.

  • Flygt 4220 Compact Adaptive Mixer: The Only Mixer Available For Rent

    The Flygt 4220 Compact Adaptive Mixer rental unit provides effective wastewater mixing for a wide range of water utility applications. Featuring a specially-designed stand for easy installation, the temporary mixing solution can be lowered into a full tank without any existing mounting infrastructure and start large-scale mixing quickly and efficiently.

  • Successful Trials With Flygt Adaptive Mixing Technology

    The City of Albion, MIchigan completed the update of several components of its four-MGD plant in the fall 2017. Afterwards, plant superintendent Kent Phillips became interested in testing the impact that optimizing his mixing might have on other aspects of his conventional activated sludge process with enhanced biological phosphorus removal.


Known equally for arctic winter conditions and being a land of 10,000 lakes – it was perhaps inevitable that a brand like Aire-O2 would be conceived in Chaska, Minnesota –  a region the locals refer to colloquially as “the North”, where hockey, ice-fishing, and a strong relationship to our shared natural resources all coincide with a company whose long-standing motto was “Life depends on clean water.” From the company’s inception more than forty years ago, it has provided wastewater treatment solutions in the most challenging environments. Offering environmentally sound systems and solutions that keep operator safety, year-round effectiveness, and long-term reliability and durability foremost in mind.

Zeoturb Bio-organic Liquid Flocculant Explainer Video by Genesis Water Technologies. This video will explain what is Zeoturb flocculant, how does it work for water clarification in drinking water, wastewater, process water and storm water treatment applications. How it is introduced into the water. Learn more about the Zeoturb liquid bio-organic floculant today.

Parkson Corporation is pleased to announce the release of a new video featuring the Aqua Guard® In-Channel Screen for water and wastewater treatment. The Aqua Guard revolutionized the wastewater screening industry over 45 years ago with a unique 3-dimensional filtration system. Since then, the line of screens has aided thousands of treatment plants worldwide by improving capture rates, reducing headloss, and protecting downstream equipment.

When Richard Restuccia started his first Company blog back in 2010, who would have thought that his content syndication efforts would lead to a training and engagement practice now generating over 100,000 views of Jain Irrigation’s podcasts, videos, webinars and website content.

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While municipal water attracts much of the focus in sustainability discussions, industrial water and wastewater applications play a critical role that shouldn’t be overlooked. From improved flow accuracy to increased situational awareness through digital solutions, industrial operations have an opportunity to significantly contribute to a cleaner water ecosystem. This free e-book explores a variety of ways that businesses can change the way they use water to future-proof their operations.

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UV Disinfection for Small Wastewater Treatment Plants

The TrojanUV3000®PTP (Packaged Treatment Plant) is ideally suited to treat flows up to 3 MGD (473 m3/hr). It is pre-engineered for quick, economical installation and is designed with proven components to provide a dependable UV solution for small wastewater treatment applications. Learn More …


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