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Pressure Management Technologies For Water Distribution Systems
Deron Austin, Director of Water Management Solutions at Mueller Water Products discusses pressure management technologies for water distribution systems during the Water Online Virtual Water Expo.  Continue Reading..
Comparing GAC And IX Resins For PFAS Removal
A collaborative pilot-scale study of two granular activated carbons, reagglomerated bituminous and sub-bituminous, was conducted to compare GAC PFAS removal performance to two ion exchange medias, macro-type and gel-type.  Pilot results were used to generate a cost-comparison of medias to guide the future technology selection of the utility.   Continue Reading..
Unified Government Saves Money Using S&L Above Grade Pump Stations Vs Submersible Pumps
One municipality keeps detailed records on all repair and maintenance work orders and costs for its 53 pump stations, some submersible and some S&L Wet Well Mounted. A 12-year study of the data revealed nearly 56 percent lower operating expenses for the S&L stations compared to submersibles—a differential of nearly 30 labor hours and $2,750 per station per year!  Continue Reading..
Discover the Insta-Valve 20-24
A brief introduction to the Insta-Valve 20-24, an insertion valve designed for installation on in-service 20" and 24" pipes.  Continue Reading..
Service You Can Count On
We are on a mission to provide solutions for control that make the world safer, healthier, and more productive, and we accomplish this by having a keen focus on service. Discover the Hydra-Stop difference today!  Continue Reading..
Finding The Most Effective Approach To Combat PFAS
Removal and destruction of PFAS is a fast-evolving issue in water treatment. It presents multiple complex treatment challenges because PFAS are always different from one site to the other, owing to the sheer diversity in chemical nature and origin of PFAS compound contamination. Given our extensive experience with multiple co-contamination water treatment, including dissolved solids, metals, oil and grease, hydrocarbons, and DNAPLs and...  Continue Reading..
Monster Manhole – Pre-Packaged Sewage Grinder
The Monster Manhole is a pre-fabricated sewer manhole with a sewage grinder that is fully assembled and ready to install. This FRP manhole is an excellent solution when a sewage grinder is needed but there is not enough room for conventional installations. Installation is easy – just dig down to the sewer line, create a concrete pad for the fiberglass manhole unit to rest on, and tie in the sewer lines. It is a perfect...  Continue Reading..
Converting Complexity Into Value
Converting Complexity Into Value Your Customers Will Understand With Wim Audenaert, CEO And Founder, AM-Team
Wim Audenaert, CEO and Founder of AM-TEAM, explains the hardware and software tools he uses to translate the deep science behind his company’s mission into commercial value for the water industry. Among other advice, Wim encourages listeners to be authentic and not overthink their narrative.  Continue Reading..
Optimizer™ For Asset Performance
Optimizer for Asset Performance from Optimatics unifies and advances your data’s usefulness by providing a dynamic, transparent, and multi-objective approach that allows you to consider multiple solutions backed by high-performance computing and intelligent automation.  Continue Reading..
10 Years Of Successful Operation In Chesapeake Bay
Since 2010, DE NORA TETRA Denite filter technology has effectively lowered nitrate, phosphorus and total suspended solids (TSS) from wastewater discharged into the Four Mile Run region of the Potomac River, improving water quality conditions of the Chesapeake Bay and surrounding environment.  Continue Reading..